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HellRaisers’ Tough Tuesday Games Results

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 HellRaisers [11:16]  Virtus.pro @overpass

A good start in a match with «the bears» didn't help our team to approach to the win. After the gained pistol round HellRaisers fired off with five rounds in a row, but lost their advantage by the end of the meeting.

After the side switching the Poles swung into the game and didn't leave any chances to attacks of our team. It was an excellent match for Paweł «byali» Bieliński, who got 26 kills and died only 12 times. The final score is 11:16.

 HellRaisers [8:16]  fnatic @mirage

In a match against fnatic our coach, Sergey «LMBT» Bezhanov, took the role of a player again. However, HellRaisers did try to cope with the strongest Swedish team and made fnatic a lot of problems. Most rounds were taken by HellRaisers in the middle of the game: at the end of the first half and beginning of the second one.

In general fnatic seemed more confident; and flusha together with JW got the biggest number of kills. The final result is disappointing for our boys, the leader of the standing has beat them with a 8:16 score.

 HellRaisers [10:16]  Gamers2 @cache

HR were ending the match day in full strength. Within FACEIT League Stage 3 HellRaisers were going up against G2, formerly called as Kinguin. Rain and Co. played the first half of the meeting rather excellently, having taken 10 rounds on the terrorist side. 

After the side switching HellRaisers began to close the gap, though they had waken up too late. One of eight match points were implemented by Maikelele's team, and even 30 kills by oskar didn't save the situation. The result is 10:16.

 Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov's comment:

«As for matches at ESEA, there is nothing to say here, though boys were doing their best going up against Virtus.pro. And although we had been training hard for the match at FACEIT League, many things went not the way it was in prac games. Unfortunately, we didn't communicate well and thus had a lot of misunderstandings. As a result, we've lost a very important match».


Cheer for HellRaisers!