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HellRaisers Lost to Ninjas in Pyjamas

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Ninjas in Pyjamas @bo3
13:16 @overpass, 4:16 @inferno

Recently HellRaisers are having many official meetings against NiP. Relying on statistics, this Swedish five, regardless of their shape, is always a very strong and uncomfortable rival for HellRaisers. Today's game has proved it once again.

On de_overpass Ninjas in Pyjamas got the early game rather perfectly, having hastily taken seven rounds on the counter-terrorist side. Only after that HellRaisers got back to the game and started to make a lot of troubles to the Scandinavian rival's defense. By the end of the half ANGE1 and Co. had taken 7 rounds, which they unlikely were satisfied with. After the side switching the Swedes created a handicap, that HR didn't manage to close up — 13:16.

The second map was chosen by the ninjas. On de_inferno it is important to mark a quality pistol round by HellRaisers. KUcheR got the tec-9, which he managed to brilliantly implement (three kills). But beginning with the first full gun round, the defense of NiP became unapproachable. The Swedes ended the first half with a 11:4 score, and having switched to the terrorist side, managed to hastily push the matter through — 4:16.

HellRaisers' player,  Martin «STYKO» Styk's comment:

«Playing against NiP is always difficult and we could not overcome basic mistakes we do as a new team. We figured out how to play the T side on overpass fairly early but despite the good first half we ended up with the worse side at the end of the match due to NiP playing heavily towards the B-site. We could not lock down the site because our economics were low after losing crucial force buys. On inferno everything went downhill after NiP established economy to buy the AWP constantly. We were out of luck today and need to work on communication and teamplay on the T side much more! Nothing like this is impossible to fix, luckily :)».

HellRaisers leave Fragbite Masters 5, but the boys have a lot of tournaments ahead, many opportunities to make it up to the fans.

Cheer for HellRaisers!