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ANGE1 Answered Fans’ Questions

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Everyone who wanted had more than a week to ask a question to Kirill. Today, It is time to give the answers, our dear fans of the HellRaisers team. Enjoy reading! 

LuciusFribergNIP: What is your favorite team and player/map? What is your least favorite map/team/player, if you have them? Isn't it hard to speak with foreigners in the team? What is your attitude towards the Ninjas in Pyjamas team? (towards possible reshuffles etc.)
ANGE1: My favorite team is HellRaisers, the player is s1mple. 😉 As for the map, I don't know, it depends on the shape of our team. As for the least favorite ones, it is difficult to answer. It is harder of course to communicate with foreigners than with Russian-speaking players, but we are not writing an article, we are going to play CS:GO, and it is much more easier to find a common language here. As for NiP, I think some changes may do good for them.  

Loyd: ANGE1, is it possible to meet with you, when you are in Kiev?
ANGE1: It depends on what you mean by meeting: if you are about drinking a beer, then recently I don't really have time for that, and you should understand yourself that when you have such a hot schedule, you prefer spending these minutes with friends. However, if you want to chat, you can always find me at the bar in Kiev Cybersport Arena. I'm okay with it. 🙂

S1m0N: What are the relationships in the team, and particularly the atmosphere of the game? Is it true that Sasha (s1mple) has become less aggressive and now behaves more like a team player? How did oskar and STYKO hit it off? Do you have problems with communication? What language are they giving the information in (Russian/English)? 
ANGE1: The biggest part of our problems are related to the communication, but I think it is just a matter of time and we will fix this. Sasha is trying, but sometimes old s1mple wakes up, but as time goes by, I think he will understand that all his emotional splashes are not making anyone play better, and we have the same goal.

KirillSvs: Why and how did you chose the Slovak and Czech as your new teammates?
ANGE1: We were watching records from the games, reading a lot of statistics, and these boys usually would show themselves in a good way. And since our play was just begging for new players, we decided to give the boys a chance and we don't really regret about that. 😉

12345: Hello, Kirill. In your team there is a coach and you as a captain. I want to know who is coordinating the moves of players: is it you or LMBT? What is the Capitan responsible for in the team? 
ANGE1: It's me to coordinate moves during the game, but Serezha in his turn does the practical preparation of the team and helps our legionaries to get used to all these things. There are a lot of responsibilities, but the top-priority ones are that I should lead the boys both in the game and out of it.

12345: I was also wondering why don't pro players use the SG556 (b-4-4), since it has doubtless pluses before the AK-47: a faster firing speed and 100% armor penetration?
ANGE1: The dispersion and price are two crucial moments, that's why it is not value at the professional stage. 

Should_Pro: Would you like to get markeloff back into HellRaisers?
ANGE1: At the moment I'm pleased with the current  roster of the team and would like to fix all inner nuances instead. 🙂

PREDATOR: Have you, as a captain, ever thought that constant reshuffles just don't give you any chances to achieve high results every season?
ANGE1: I frequently think about that and I do agree with you, and it's been at least a year I'm not initiating any changes related to the roster. 🙂 

12345: How do you spend your time out of CS? Do you have other hobbies? Besides the family, of course.
ANGE1: I don't really have enough time for other hobbies, but if I have a free couple of hours, I would love to watch football, serial or play poker.

St4ff: Hi, Kirill. How would you commend on the hasty leaving of MIkhail «Dosia» Stoliarov right before the major tournament?
ANGE1: I wouldn't like to analyze this thing in details. I have a good relationship with Misha and I think that he might have had some reasons to leave the team. The only thing I don't get is why he did it in 8 days before such an important tournament for us .

Vdikan: Hi, Kirill! You've become an idol of mine right after I saw you! I would like to wish you only the best and ask: how were you studying at the university, while playing CS?
ANGE1: Very bad. 😉

Monte: Don't you think that everything that is going on with the team right now is a kind of a dead end and is not a development at all. I do understand when GuardiaN was leaving VP, you called him an excellent player, but the communication or the lack of it did its part and you decided to kick him. Now you've taken two players like GuardiaN.  Is it your last chance, the last try, the last charge before leaving to the family and ending the esports career in general? I'm naively hoping to see your sincere answer, though I do understand that you will not show your hand, but anyway. 🙂
P.S. Thank you for your entire career, I was learning to play CS:GO by your demos and have even grown to quite succesfully perform at the pro series. Good luck in your family, take care of your wife and doughter and don't forget that CS is a game, and a family is life.

ANGE1: I'm glad my game has helped someone. 😉 As for the question where you mentioned two players like GuardiaN. This player is in top three players of the world at the moment, and results of a good team directly depend on his shape. I hope sincerely that our new legionaries will show themselves not less successfully. I won't call it the last chance, vice versa, I've just got in excellent shape and the next year should be a real breakthrough for CS in terms of prize funds and popularization.

12345: In one of last interviews you said that you found starting the game on a weak side more correct. Why, having won the side-pick, you chose a strong one, then?
ANGE1: To start the game on a weak side you should be quite confident in it, and at the moment the team's preparation is just not good enough. 🙂

Cheer for HellRaisers!