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HellRaisers Won EnVyUs & fnatic

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 HellRaisers [16:14]  EnVyUs @cobblestone

An excellent match day started with a tough game against the strongest French team, EnVyUs. All teams from this country are traditionally good on de_cobblestone. However, HellRaisers have had enough practice in the recent times on this map themselves.

The Capitan of EnVyUs, Vincent «Happy» Cervoni  was the one to make the biggest troubles. Despite the fact that ANGE1 and Co. had definitely been ready to see this dexterous French behind them, the «happy» one did manage to catch fantastic timings and get frags. Nevertheless, EnVyUs had won the first side with a minimal advantage (7:8). After the side switching it was HellRaisers to show a good game. ANGE1 would often please with open frags, while s1mple was taking effective clutch rounds. The final score is 16:14.  

 HellRaisers [16:14]  fnatic @cache

A year ago our boys got the easiest victory over fnatic, at Dreamhack Winter 2014. At that time, by the way, the final score was the same, but the teams were playing on de_mirage.

In this meeting it seemed as though fnatic hadn't felt our boys: it was so easy for them to take rounds on the attack side. But by the end of the half HellRaisers had managed to win a few important clutch rounds, which let them create space for mistakes in the second half (3:12). Having switched to the terrorist side, ANGE1 and Co. were showing real miracles, leaving fnatic with nothing over and over again! Only two times the Swedish rival managed to stop the attacks of our team, and that, obviously, wasn't enough. A 16:14 victory!

 Emil «kUcheR» Ahundov's comment:

«Our team play is getting better with every passing day. It is still hard to communicate though, but we are doing our best to pull through this hard obstacle. We are happy to have managed to win such a serious rival. Thanks for your support».

Thanks to gained six points HellRaisers have taken the third place in the standings of FACEIT League Stage 3. There is more information in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!