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Tuesday Matches For HellRaisers.CS:GO

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 HellRaisers vs  Orgless @bo3 — 13.10, 18:00 СЕТ
 HellRaisers vs  mousesports @bo2 — 13.10, 23:00 СЕТ

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, kUcheR, oskar, STYKO, standin.s1mple
 Orgless: flash, DeadFox, t3h f4rm3r, NEY, Barcode
 mousesports: chrisJ, nex, NiKo, gob b, denis

It is time for the fifth season of the tournament by Fragbite. In this season 16 teams will be fighting for three quotas for the LAN finals, which the fnatic team has already been invited to. The teams will try their strength in two single-elimination brackets, after which we will find out the names of two more participants of the final stage of the tournament. It is noteworthy that the fives to take the second places in their brackets will be able to fight for a ticket to Sweden in a docking match. They will have to play a tough fight there, following the results of which the lineups at the LAN Finals of Fragbite Masters Season 5 will be complete. 

The first opponent of ours in the bracket is the Orgless team, the match against whom will run in a best-of-three format. Under this tag the former players of Team Orbit have banded together, who have also got an invitation for SLTV StarSeries Season 14. They have played only two games, and both of them ended in their favor: against Reason Gaming and E-Frag.net within CSHUB Series Season 1. HellRaisers will do their best to demonstrate their best play to reach the next stage of the bracket, where they will have to play against a winner of the Ninjas in Pyjamas and GreyFace pair.

Towards the midnight the CEVO Season 8 tournament will go on the air, where our boys will be playing the last game in the online stage of the championship. Their rivals will be the German mousesports five, who are showing quite good results in the recent times. By the way, in this month the «mice» have played only one game against Team Dignitas at ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2, and it ended in the Danes' favor. Anyway, each professional team at off-work time play prac games, and these boys shouldn't be an exception. Come to the stream at 23:00 СЕТ and support ANGE1 and Co.! Believe us, it does help them! 


Cheer for HellRaisers!