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Coverage: Fragbite Masters Season 5

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There is a million of tournaments, but among them there have always been the one to stand apart, the traditional championship by Fragbite. In this year its format is rather simple: 16 participants will be fighting for three quotas for the LAN final in the Single Elmination bracket. Invited team Fnatic is already waiting for them in Sweden.

The online part will be running till November 5, and the LAN Final itself will take place in Sweden from December 4-6.

The distribution of the prize fund:

1 place — $26,500
2 place — $14,700
3 place — $10,600
4 place — $7,100

Mappool: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_train, de_mirage, de_overpass, de_cobblestone. de_cache 


Tournament Bracket (CET)

  Team SoloMid            
 2:0   Team SoloMid        
     2:0   Team SoloMid    
  Team Dignitas        
 0:1   Touch the crown    
  Touch the crown        
         @bo3  15.10, 21:00
 2:1   HellRaisers      
     0:2   Ninjas in Pyjamas  
 0:2   Ninjas in Pyjamas      
  Ninjas in Pyjamas          

Third Place Match



HellRaisers' results:

2:1 vs  Orgless (16:13 @cobblestone, 5:16 @dust2, 16:14 @mirage)


 HellRaisers: ANGE1, kUcheR, STYKO, oskar, s1mple
 Ninjas in Pyjamas: Xizt, GeT_RighT, f0rest, allu, friberg
 GreyFace: pauf, KAB0M, BARBARR, Jumpy, SKYTTEN
 Torpedo: Awien, atter, darti, tease, decent
 Team SoloMid: karrigan, device, Xyp9x, cajunb, dupreeh
 Team Dignitas: aizy, MSL, Kjaerbye, Pimp, schneider
 Touch the crown: faker, dukiii, alexRr, am0
 Orgless: flash, DeadFox, t3h f4rm3r, NEY, Barcode