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HellRaisers.CS:GO: Not Without Point Losses Today

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 HellRaisers [1:1]  Gamers2
(16:19 @overpass, 16:12 @dust2)

First of all, HR have played a regular match within the online stage of CEVO Season 8. We had one of the most important matches of the group stage, since our boys were facing off against a proximate rival, G2, for the place in the standings. On the first map, de_overpass, HellRaisers had many marvelous moments, but mostly the fate of the round was decided in clutch situations. The teams interchangeably would celebrate the success in rounds and seemed to be going so equally that the game went on the overtime periods. There the confidence of Maikelele and Co. have overcome the fervor of HR — 16:19.

On signature de_dust2 ANGE1 and Co. have played rather well on the attack side: it wasn't perfect, but better than expected. Our team took 9 rounds playing on the terrorist side, which let them feel confident after the side switching. G2 didn't manage to close the gap, which kept at the 3-4 rounds level till the end — 16:12. 

 HellRaisers [12:16]  Dignitas @train

In the match within ESL ESEA Pro League the coach of the team, Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov, was the one to take the place of s1mple, since he is not allowed to take part in this championship. Thanks to the gained pistol round and confident beginning on the counter-terrorist side, HellRaisers felt the strength and formed a handicap. Even lmbt, who has finished his professional career quite long ago, would manage to hit the Danes vis-а-vis in a good way.

The things didn't go that well on the terrorist side though. Dignitas didn't let ANGE1 and Co. fulfill their potential in the second half and made a comeback themselves. The final result of the match is 12:16 

 Martin «STYKO» Styk's comment:

«We lost to Dignitas with a 12-16 score on de_train. We lost important clutch rounds and also the important anti-eco one in a 2 v 4 situation, that decided the result of the match in opponent's favor. Despite issues with our lineup, we managed to take our rounds even with a stand-in».

The coverage of the CEVO Season 8 is available on this link, while all necessary information about ESL ESEA Pro League may be found here

Cheer for HellRaisers!