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HR. Dota Leave First Open Qualifiers for The Frankfurt Major

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 HellRaisers [0:1]  Florida @bo1

The game of our team against the Florida team has come to the end. HellRaisers decided to take Phantom Lancer as a carry, Zeus for the middle lane and Night Stalker for the offlane. In addition to these heroes, two excellent supports were picked, Lina и Rubick. The opponents took a pushing pick, which turned out to be rather effective. During the whole match we could see the equal game, but at some point the key heroes of the enemy team started to get needed artefacts, and thus the fights began going under orders of Florida. One lost fight was followed by two lost lanes for HellRaisers, which it was very hard to continue the game without. They made a decision to go for a fight again, but it didn't bring the targeted results. «Good Game» in the chat and Florida are reaching the next stage of the qualifiers, while our boys have to leave them. 

On the way towards the 116 of the qualifier's final Dread and Co. beat PCT, TeamHaroldTerror, TheCorn, KZN and LD. Unfortunately, they didn't manage to get through the Florida team. Anyway, it is not a reason to get upset, since tomorrow we are having the second open qualifiers for The Frankfurt Major, where our boys will try their strength again. Follow our website and social networks to keep up-to-date! 

Comment of  Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko, the team’s manager:

«A style of our game didn't match a type of our pick at all. The only remedy was the aggression in all parts of the map, but instead of this we went on the useless farm, which, obviously, was a losing idea against a few enemy carries. A mood isn't the best, of course, but we are not going to throw in the towel».

Cheer for HellRaisers!