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HR.Dota2 Begin Way to The Frankfurt Major

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Hundreds of teams and only two quotas! We will have one of the most esports Tuesday in the history! Today the Dota 2 roster of HellRaisers will begin their adventure towards the main tournament of this Autumn, The Frankfurt Major.

The first open qualifiers will run on October 6-7 (there will be two of them) for the European region, according to results of which only one member will reach the closed European qualifiers. 

Brief overview of Frankfurt Major Open Qualifier #1 EU:

  • All matches will run in a bo1 format
  • Semi-finals and the Final — bo3
  • All rounds till the 116 of the final will be played on October 6
  • We will find out a name of the quota's owner on October 7
  • First games will start at 15:00 CET


HellRaisers' Matches 

HellRaisers [0:1] Florida
 [1:0] LD
[1:0] KZN
HellRaisers [1:0] TheCorn
HellRaisers [1:0] TeamHaroldTerror
HellRaisers [1:0] PCT

The full tournament bracket is available here.

Cheer for HellRaisers!