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HellRaisers Played Last Matches at Global eSports Cup

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Match results of the third game day:
 HellRaisers [1:1]  Arcade.PowerRangers @bo2
 HellRaisers [0:2]  Newteam123123 @bo2

 HellRaisers [0:1]*  CIS Rejects @bo2
*the match wasn't played out, the team will continue the meeting through the internet
The first Moscow adventure of the updated HellRaisers Dota2 roster has come to the end. Our boys have become owners of the thing they were going to the Capital of Russia for. The team has got through the qualifiers and thus will be a member of the next stage! 

On Sunday the team had to play the most important and decisive fights. Having got as many as possible points in the previous days, HellRaisers were on the top of the standings by the beginning of the games. But the rivals were breathing down the neck.

The first opponents of HellRaisers turned out to be the Belarusians from Arcade.PR. The first map in this battle was running for 55 minutes, though there were just a few important events on the battleground. Our boys managed to farm more than the opponent did and at the end of the meeting HR came into operation. The first morning game turned out to be very exhausting. In the responsive strife the Belarusians did gain revenge. The result is 1:1.

Then our boys had to compete with Goblak and Co, who simply call themselves newteam123123. This team plays brilliantly, that was proven in two games against HellRaisers. Both maps were running with many tactical moves on the part of each of the fives, but at this time the strategy did fail the Lions. Newteam123123 take three points — 0:2.

For a titbit the viewers of Krokus Ekspo, which was gradually closing its doors, had an outstanding battle between HR and CIS Rejects. A real show, numerous kills, continuous comebacks and risky decisions — this is all what was put in an hour battle of two essential rivals! After all CIS Rejects turned out to be stronger though. Since the second map in this tournament wasn't important for the tournament statistics, and the time was running out (Igromir was closed at 17:00 CET), so it was decided to end the tournament at that point and give victorious palms to the CIS Rejects team. HellRaisers in their turn shared the second place with the newteam123123 and SFZ teams. 

Comment of  Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko, the team’s manager:

«I will say that it was quite a controversial tournament and middling results of the favorite team. Despite a good and quality start in the first days, on the homestretch too many mistakes were done both in the pick stage and in the game. I have enough questions to the organizers, too. It is quite possible that I will write about all minuses and pluses of what I've seen in my blog. Don't lose your courage! We are having the qualifiers for the Autumn Major. I still love my team, and the team loves their faithful fans. See ya!»

There is more information about the tournament in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!