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Last Day at Igromir: HR vs Arcade.PR, NT123 and CIS-R

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 HellRaisers vs  Arcade.PR @bo2 — 04.10, 09:00
 HellRaisers vs  NT123 @bo2 — 04.10, 11:30
 HellRaisers vs  CIS Rejects @bo2 — 04.10, 14:00

 HellRaisers: Dread, Afoninje, goddam, Shachlo, MeTTpuМ
 Arcade.PowerRangers: Jackal, chshrct, j4, Bugnum, TpoH
 Newteam123123: fn, yoky-, Sedoy, NoFear, Goblak
 CIS Rejects: ARTES, Iceberg, gorec, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, Vanskor

It is time for final battles at Global eSports Cup, where at the moment, HellRaisers have won 3 games in a row with a final score of 6:0. SFZ, Enso and BRM didn't manage to cope with HellRaisers and thus lost all maps. Our boys, in their turn, don't stop pleasing us with good picks and excellent performance. 

The first game will run against the team from Belarus called Arcade.PowerRangers, and it is planned for 09:00 CET. Less than a week ago the team lost their carry, the position of whom used to be taken up by Ditya Ra. Reasons of such a move are not very clear, but the team has immediately found a replacement as Maxim «TpoH» Vernikov, who used to play for the PRIES team himself. Currently, these boys take the fifth place in the group stage of the tournament, having won only one match out of four. 

The second opponent is Newteam123123, in the roster of which there are many well-known nicknames. The path of the team at the tournament isn't perfect yet, but they have 5 points in 3 played matches, and that is thought to be a satisfactory result. Right now they take the fourth place, and they are having three matches ahead, so everything could change. The beginning of the game is planned for 11:30 CET, if, of course, there won't be any delays. 

And in the afternoon the Lions from HellRaisers will go up against the CIS Rejects team, which ARTES and gorec, two former players of HellRaisers, are playing for. Let us recall that these teams have already met on September 20 and 22, and at that time the victory was gained by Dread and Co. for both times. Right now CIS Rejects are taking the third position in the group stage of the tournament, having got 6 points in 3 matches. It may be said for sure that the CIS team will try to get revenge on HellRaisers, but will they manage to do so? We will find out at 14:00 CET. 

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Cheer for HellRaisers!