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HR.Dota2 at Global eSports Cup: Second Day Results

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  Enso @bo2

On the first map we saw Afoninje playing his favorite hero, Shadow Fiend. From the first minutes he started making huge troubles for the enemy midder and heroes, who were helping him. The beginning of the map was completely taken by Enso, but then the Lions turned the course of the meeting in their favor, having won a few key fights. By the end of the map Afoninje had 13 kills, while Dread, playing his Slark, destroyed 11 enemies. 

It seemed as though the second battle between these teams was going with a huge game advantage of our boys, but the aggression of Enso wouldn't let to push the matter through. By the 25th minute HellRaisers lost two sides, and thus they couldn't go further, but their forest. Dread and Co. were winning fight-by-fight, but it wouldn't bring the targeted result. 

Going to the side of the enemy highround, both teams were doing many mistakes. It is hard to count how many times Enso failed, when they were about to reach the base of our boys. The meeting ended with a victory for HellRaisers at the 52nd minute.  

 HellRaisers [2:0]  BRM @bo2

The second opponent of ours wasn't the weakest kind. The boys from the BRM team were showing good Dota, though they didn't manage to get a point in the meeting with HellRaisers. The Puck and Spectre combo did bring its results again. As well as in the previous game, Dread and Afoninje brilliantly met their tasks and were dominating on the map till the end of the game. It was a fast half-hour victory. 

The second map and our boys are picking Warlock, Earthshaker, Night Stalker, Warlock and Phantom Lancer. In this meeting Dread was especially at his best, his PL was not only a key factor of the win of our boys on the map, but a third win at the tournament! 2:0.

 Velentin «valentiNich» Kravcheno's comment:

«Today we weren't playing on the stage, but in the game zone. It was kind of unusual, but, thank God, despite an exhibitory noise, we didn't face any problems with in-game commination. In general, although we had some clutchy moments, everything was good. We have a working atmosphere and we are happy to be going trouble-free. We are going to have a dinner, set themselves for tomorrow and drop off to sleep».

There is more information about participation of our team at Moscow LAN tournament Global eSports Cup in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!