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HR.Dota Continue Fighting at Global eSports Cup

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 HellRaisers vs  Enso @bo2 — 03.10, 11:30
 HellRaisers vs  BRM @bo2 — 03.10, 14:00

 HellRaisers: Dread, Afoninje, goddam, Shachlo, MeTTpuМ
 Enso: Stingg, Misha, muriel, nausea, iLTW
 BRM: sQreen, zxc, cRazy-tamemywild, Flowka, Slander

Due to huge delays on October 2 the organizers decided to postpone the second game of our team to October 4. Today we will be able to watch two matches against teams from Russia such as Enso and BRM. By the way, the full match schedule may be found on the link or on the main page of our website. 

The first opponent is the Enso team. This is a young team, which there is nothing known about. It may be only said that yesterday these boys lost their match against Arcade.PowerRangers with a 0:2 score, not having coped with enemy Gyrocopter and Anti-Mage. A start in the group with a loss isn't crucial though, since there are many matches ahead, where it will be possible to show the real strength. 

Then HellRaisers will go up against the BRM team. In a roster of the Russian mix there are such players as zxc, cRazy-tamemywild, Flowka, Slander and, of course, sQreen himself. Yesterday they played their match against very Arcade.PR in a draw, having got a point. In addition to our team, BRM will also play their matches against CIS Rejects and Newteam123123 today. Let us recall that only two teams our of seven reach the next stage of the tournament called the CIS play-off, where it will be way harder. Turn on the stream at 11:30 CET and support the Lions!  

The coverage of the Global eSports Cup championship may be found on our website

Cheer for HellRaisers!