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HR.CSGO Ended Evening with Victory over Titan

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 HellRaisers [12:16]  EnVyUs @cobblestone

HellRaisers faced a real mess in this match. Slovak STYKO and Czech oskar were taking place of AdreN and s1mple. The French team in their turn met a situation head-on. In addition, de_cobblestone is thought to be one of the strongest map of Happy and Co. 

Playing on the counter-terrorist side our boys managed to neutralize the most dangerous weapon of the French, Happy. It ended up with 7 gained rounds on the defense side, which may be considered as quite a good achievement. HR were about to level the score; oskar was working miracles: he's got the ace at the end of the meeting. However, EnVyUs pushed the matter through after all — 12:16.

 HellRaisers [16:9]  Titan @overpass

S1mple stepped back into the ranks in the match with Titan. In addition, the map was more convenient for our boys. Titan wouldn't adjust to the fast and perky style of HellRaisers' attack and lost a few rounds, being in the majority. As a result the terrorists (HellRaisers) got an advantage, which by the end of the half was equal to 5 rounds. 

On the counter-terrorist side HellRaisers managed to show their potential at its best in such a component of the game as shooting. Oskar and s1mple were at their best in the half, while other players were not very far behind as well. Thanks to confidence and teamplay HR rapidly got a victory in this match — 16:9.

 Rustem «mou» Telepov's comment:

«We got hot near the end. We knew that de_overpass is our strong map, since we had already beat Titan there before. We took many rounds on the attack side, and played rather stably on the defense one. Thanks everyone!»

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Cheer for HellRaisers!