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Shachlo Answering Fans’ Questions

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Beginning from September 13 every willing fan of the team had an opportunity to ask an interesting and unique question to Maxim Abramovskikh. And today it is time we publish the answers to them. Enjoy reading, our dear fans! 

B_Moo9: Hello. Are you preparing for upcoming matches in some tournaments you will take part in?
Shachlo: Considering the nearest tournaments, which I know, we will take part in the GSL LAN at Igromir. We've also won a quota for SLTV StarSeries. And, in general, we will be playing as much matches as possible. There are not so many tournaments left to ignore them. 

Tepliy: How would you mark your skill in Dota using the ten-point scale and why?

Shachlo: I don't think that estimating yourself can be objective, but it is not 10 for sure. I still have many things to work on. 

TepliyHow many tournaments have you lost? What is your attitude towards losses?

Shachlo: A lot. When you lose, you feel bad, sometimes even for a couple of days, depending on the value of a tournament. It was especially lousy after DAC in Shanghai. But in the end it gives you a motivation to keep working; so it is the useful experience.

mesqWhen you got the invitation to the team, how did you take it and were you examining other offers?

Shachlo: There weren't any offers. One day I was watching the qualifiers for ESL, which HR were taking part in, and after the lost game I wrote to Dread to take me into the team. He answered «okay» to it and added me into the conference. I didn't have another offers. I thought I would have to be a streamer (shock). 

Eblostrell: Hi, Shach. I know you are from Chelyabinsk, and so am I. How did you start your career and with whom?

Shachlo: The beginning of my career has no relevance to Chelyabinsk, alas. It all began in 2011, when a friend of mine from HON invited me to play in a team from prodota.ru, which well-known players such as Solo and KSi were playing for, too. That's how it started. 

Shoker09: When will you make a cosplay of Big Russian Boss?

Shachlo: I'm not grand enough for that yet. 

Kawalot_begemot: Hello. What winrate does the team have in clanwars? Are you ready to win majors?

Shachlo: The winrate is satisfying. We are always ready.

6op3yxah: Hello, Maxim. How often do you have clan wars and training sessions? Do you make up your own strategies or usually use the old ones? If you compere two HR's rosters: the one you were in (with yoky and windx) and the current one, which do you like more? Will there be streams of official matches? 

Shachlo: We are trying to practice every day. Only one day for a rest per week. Since 6.85 has been released, we are trying to make up something new, to add our own ideas to the meta. Well, the first roster has no relevance to HR, but I can say that I like it here more. As for the streams of official games — I doubt.

acE23Hello, Maxim. How do you think, should Russia consider esport as sport?

Shachlo: There must be some classification for sure. I doubt that it will be considered as sport, but it definitely should gain acknowledgment in the near future.

acE23Should we make the universities for dota players, since many people are willing to become pro players, but, alas, it is possible only for those, who have 5+ thousand solo MMR and some contacts with real pro players. The university in its turn will give an opportunity for young and talanted doters to study and take the CIS region up. 

Shachlo: It sounds like nonsense, to be honest. Everyone, who is willing to raise and has a talent for it will always find a way to make it into competitive Dota.  

HRinMYheart: How do you think, does the accounts boosting affect your personal skill? Are you doing this yourself, being in the team?

Shachlo: It does, but not globally. This is like a temporary debuff, if you stop doing that, your skill will back to normal. Even if I wanted (no), I don't have time for that. 

Ov3rK1llHello, Maxim! I hope being in the HR roster you are going to get rid of the cybertourist title?

Shachlo: But it sounds good.

madlad99Hi, Shach. When will we have your homey streams again? (the turn is over, tea is poured out, your 300 faithful viewers are waiting)

Shachlo: Wait and it will come.

MifistonitianHow is the microclimate at the moment? Your unfavorable hero in Dota? Do you coach Afoninje with the one vs one matches?

Shachlo: We have the working atmosphere, rather a positive one. I don't know, maybe it is Viper. We do coach him, though he is a kind of a terminator even without our help. 

In the next Question-Answer heading you will be able to ask questions to a player of the CS:GO roster. Who will it be? Follow the news on our website you you will be the first one to find out!

Cheer for HellRaisers!