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HellRaisers Leaving DH Stockholm

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 HellRaisers [1:2]  Vexed Gaming @bo3
11:16 @cobblestone, 16:7 @dust2, 13:16 @overpass

It was hard to overestimate the importance of this meeting. A victory in this best-of-3 is the thing all team have been training during a few months for. HellRaisers, despite yesterday's loss to Titan, came to this meeting in a good spirit and aimed at the victory. 

On the first map the fate of a winner was decided by small mistakes, turning into lost rounds and, as a result, to a loss of the whole map. For example, the moment when ANGE1, defending the B plant, got four incredibly spectacular kills, but the only left Polish player got the 1 v 2 clutch round. The victory is built on fails. The attack of the Polish five seemed unbelievably confident and effective. HellRaisers in their turn didn't manage to adjust to fast moving aggression of Vesed. Having taken the first half with a 10:5 score, our team has lost the first map — 11:16.

On de_dust2, as well as in yesterday's match, the Poles showed themselves not the best way. A day before they hadn't managed to cope with HellRaisers' attack, and at this time they hit the quality defense of HellRaisers. AdreN was especially at his best playing on the CT side, thanks to whom the B plant remained unbreakable. As a result, our boys won 11 rounds on the counter-terrorist side and without problems ended the game after the side switching. The final result of the second map is 16:7. 

It was the time of the decisive map. De_overpass is one of the favorite maps of both teams, and that's why the show turned out to be rather worthy. The confidence, gained after the victory on de_dust2, let our boys start well on the CT side on the de_overpass map. S1mple was the one to be called an MVP: he got three fast kills with the Dual Berettas and the ace on the buy round. As well as on the previous map, the first half ended with a 11:4 score in HR's favor. However, they didn't manage to push the matter through this time. Everything started with the lost pistol round. The Poles at the moment got into the zone and continued coming to the comeback round-by-round. They managed to level the score very fast, at 12:12. In this period of the fight both teams faced serious problems with the economy, and thus the price of the mistake was being incredibly increased. Unfortunately, a few lost clutch rounds didn't allow HR catching on the overtimes — 13:16. 

The comment of the team's coach,  Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov:

«Neither boys nor me have a word to say. This is the only thing I can think about right now. When I get home I will try to analyze the mistakes and write a blog. We are running out of words, we are very upset».

At this point HR's path to the major is over. But such a sad ending is not a reason to get upset! We are having many tournaments ahead, which we will see the victories of our boys in for sure! 

Cheer for HellRaisers!