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Kucha & Lostov Ended Participation at SLTV S1

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 Kucha [0:3]  Kolento

In the evening of September 24, Kucha was going up against one of the most title and famous Hearthstone player in the world. Despite the fact that his decks and heroes were perfectly suitable to the meeting with Kolento, he didn't manage to implement them. We can blame either the lack of experience or unluck, but the result wasn't as good as it might have been. 

Aleksander has shared his thoughts on the game in much more detail in his comment. For your reference, in the match for reaching the LAN Finals Kolenta has got his own way and become the fifth participant of the Kiev battle. 

 Aleksander «Kucha» Kulinich's comment:

«The luck turned out to be not on my side. I saw the previous game of Kolento and was sure that he would start with the Druid. I had the Hybrid Hunter as a counter-deck. Unfortunately, Kolento got a better hand. In the second game I guessed the pick again and chose the Rogue versus the Paladin. This match should have been ended in my favor, but the hand turned out to be awful. As for the third game.. I decided to take the Druid, but didn't get the Ramp, while the opponent gave the Thaurissan, which I didn't find an answer to respond to. In general, I'm satisfied with my results at  SLTV StarSeries Season 1».

 Lostov [2:3]  Ostkaka

On the next day one more HellRaisers player, Aleksey Fursov aka Lostov, was playing the postponed match. He was facing off against the newly-minted member of the Natus Vincere organization, Ostkaka. The Swede got through the long path to the Russian and didn't fail in the decisive fight.

Fursov skilfully got a victory in the first game playing his Paladin, the Swedish Warrior turned out to be out of the business. In the second match we could see the battle of two Druids, in which Na`Vi's one came out as a winner! The Russian wouldn't get a good creature or Taunt, by the help of which he could turn the meeting around, and not just playing time for the lethal. In the third match the Warlock by the HellRaisers player turned out to be weaker than the Warrior by Ostkaka, and in the fourth one the Druid by Aleksey leveled the score in the meeting. 

Both players spent the decisive, fifth draw playing the Warlocks. The Swedes turned out to be more lucky, and that's why he's become an owner of the last quota for the LAN Finals of SLTV StarSeries. 

 Aleksey «Lostov» Fursov's comment:

«It was a very equal match, where the result of the matchup was decided in the last game, where two Handlocks were facing off against each other. I was leading during almost the whole game, but at one moment I let the rival take the initiative, having set the Dr. Boom card up. As a result, I might have won the game with a 50% chance, but the random was not on my side. It's a pity, but it is not the last tournament, everything is ahead».

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