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HellRaisers at DH Stockholm: First Day Results

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  Vexed @bo3
16:11 @cbble, 16:7 @dust2

A few month ago these Poles were an insuperable obstacle both for HellRaisers and Titan on the way towards the tournament with the prize fund of $250,000. Under the studio conditions, HellRaisers have proved in a bo3 format that the loss in that Summer was nothing more, but an needless tragedy.

On de_cobblestone the beginning of the fight turned out to be better for the Polish five. Although they lost the pistol round, they managed to bite very strong. But when HR got the grenades and the sniper rifle, the boys started to beam in all their glory. AdreN was especially at his best, he's got a few important clutch rounds himself. After the side switching the scenario was repeated. The first round ended in HR's favor, and then we saw a series of gained rounds by Vexed. Fortunately, their streak didn't last that long, and ANGE1 and Co. won de_cobblestone with a 16:11 score. 

On de_dust2 the Ukrainian-Kazakh five managed to show the close-to-the-model game on the terrorist side. The young polish team was not able to cope with HR in the first half of the meeting, having won only one round out of fifteen. After a confident 14:1 in the first half HellRaisers continued pressing the rivals, but managed to end the meeting only at the 16:7 score.  

Statistics of two maps (hltv.org):

 HellRaisers [1:2]  Titan @bo3
16:8 @overpass, 13:16 @dust2, 7:16 @cobblestone

This match was rather essential. HR and Titan's ways often crossed in important stages of different tournaments, and thus teams can confidently say that they know the style of each other. 

On the first map, de_overpass, shox and s1mple were leading in kills. The French won the fantastic pistol round in the first half, having taken the 1 v 3 clutch without planting the bomb. However, during all other rounds Aleksander «s1mple» Kostylev, HellRaisers' stand-in was rather unstoppable. In the second half AdreN was the one to show up in the decisive clutch rounds. The final score is 16:8.

It wasn't that faery on de_dust2 as in the game against the Poles from Vexedon though. During the whole first half, which our boys started playing on the terrorist side, HR was always ahead of the rival, but by the side switching there wasn't much a confident advantage. Ex6TenZ is a wonderful tactician himself, and thus his Titans on the terrorist side did find something to offer to the counter-terrorist. As a result, they managed not only to spurt into the lead, but prevent the comeback. HR stopped in two rounds away from the overtime period, 13:16. 

On de_cobblestone the French team did surprise by their teamwork playing on the defense side. It looks like the five did their best to minimize the effect of the recent substitution of the player and managed to do almost without mistakes. On the CT side Titan took 12 rounds, which is thought to be a great result for one of the most T-sided map. ScreaM was definitely at his best, having ended the map with a 26-12 score. After the side switching Ex6TenZ and Co. rapidly got to the match points and implemented them — 7:16. 

Statistics of two maps (hltv.org):

The comment of HR's coach,  Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov, on the meeting with Titan:

«We've won our pick almost without problems. Then we were strongly leading on de_dust2, which actually is our pick in most cases as well. But for some reason we faced some problems with the team play and understanding. Unfortunately, we lost a chance on de_dust2, but I'm sure that we will beat the Polish (if we face off against them) and will have time to fix all mistakes and get the understanding in diffucult game situations. Cheer for us tomorrow!»

HellRaisers will have another chance to make in into the major tournament, Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca tomorrow. On the Globe Arenas stadium our boys will compete with the winner of the Skyred and Vexed pair. There is more information about that in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!