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Towards LAN Finals: Lostov will play today!

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 Lostov vs  TBA (Winner of Firebat vs Ostkaka) @bo5

25.09, 19:00 СЕТ

This amazing tournament has brought us a sea of positive emotions and wonderful impressions, but today we are to watch the last broadcasting of the online stage. Then we are having the LAN Finals, which will run from October 16-18 in Kiev, or, more precisely, in the Kiev Cybersport Arena computer club, where the best 6 players of the championship will be competing for the title of the strongest one.   

Lostov will come to the battleground closer to the midnight. A little earlier Ostkaka will be trying his strength with Firebat. And only then Lostov will find out the name of his rival. It is noteworthy that Aleksey will have to win only one match in a best-of-five match to join his teammate at the LAN Finals of the tournament. We hope that everything will go on target for our player, and the mythical god of Hearthstone will be on his side! 

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