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HellRaisers.Dota2: Game Day Results

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  4 Clovers and Lepricon

The game day started rather early, as for esports. The meeting with Lepricons should have determined the owner of the last quota for ASUS ROG DreamLeague. Both teams did want to take part in the tournament. On the first map we could see the 50-minute battle. This time was enough for the enemy's Anti-Mage to become a dangerous force. Goddam's hero, Lina, was heroically going up against Anti-Mage and other opponents of the team and got the biggest number on the map, 18. This was not enough to win the game though. 4CL implemented the late combo potential and won, 0:1. 

On the second map everything ended quite rapidly for our boys. Goddam was on the top with the biggest number of kills again, but it wouldn't bring the targeted result. A little more than 22 minutes and Lepricons put a dot in the meeting, 0:2. The tournament bracket of the qualifiers is here

 HellRaisers [2:0]  Monkey Freedom Fighters

The game against Monkeys opened the path to GO: Champions League Season 2 for our team. Being upset a bit after the loss, HR broke into the new strife. The ability not to dwell on defeats should help our boys in the future. 

The first map ended in less than half an hour. Storm Spirit by Afoninje rapidly got the power and became too strong for the opponents. A few won fights and MFF had to capitulated, 0:1. The counter meeting was interrupted due to the DDoS attacks, but it didn't keep Dread and Co. from pushing the matter through, 2:0. 

 Daniil «MeTTpuM» Hilev's comment:

«Today was a hard game day: two official games against uneasy rivals. Unfortunately it went this way that we didn't manage to find an opponent for a CW to warm up before the first matches. Maybe this was the reason why we didn't get the first map, though it should have been in our hands. In the second one we didn't manage to take the heroes we wanted, and, due to the unsuccessful draft and lost lanes at the early stage, the strategy was failed. Having braced up by the second series, we were playing more calmly, though not without mistakes. In general, although our result doesn't satisfy us at all, we are not going to throw in the towel: we all are ready to practice, play and win!»

The coverage of GO: Champions League Season 2 may be found here.

Cheer for HellRaisers!