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Towards LAN Finals: Kucha & Lostov are Preparing Decks!

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 Kucha vs  TBA (Победитель пары Kolento vs Zalae) @bo5
24.09, 19:00 СЕТ

 Lostov vs  TBA (Победитель пары Firebat vs Ostkaka/Surrender) @bo5
24.09, 23:00 СЕТ

This amazing tournament has brought us a sea of positive emotions and wonderful impressions, but today we are to watch the last broadcasting of the online stage. Then we are having the LAN Finals, which will run from October 16-18 in Kiev, or, more precisely, in the Kiev Cybersport Arena computer club, where the best 6 players of the championship will be competing for the title of the strongest one.   

Let us recall that ShtanUdachi has reached the final stage of the tournament, and thus only two players of HellRaisers have to play their last matches, sitting at home and their computers. The game evening will be opened by the Kolento vs Zalae match, the winner of which will reach the next round of the last chance bracket, where he will meet with Aleksander «Kucha» Kulinich. In case of winning, Kucha will make it to the final match of the bracket, where he will fight with a player under the Cipher nickname for reaching the LAN Finals. A few hours ago we have managed to ask Aleksander a few questions about his preparation. This is what he's said: 

«After losses to Stancifka and Dog I began my preparation to the last chance bracket games. Firstly, I analyzed the replays of the games, and after that it took me a few days to make up my decks. I came to the conclusion that my Paladin is too risky and more stable Druid has taken its place. I've also looked over my Hunter's decklist. Rogue was the only one remained unchanged. I was very lucky, since in a few days before the decisive games I had to play the qualifiers for WSVG 2015, where I was able to try out my dicks in battles. I'm satisfied with the results of these games. I managed to beat such players as Pavel, Gnumme and Lucky. As a result I've got a ticket to Moscow. Now I keep mastering my decks to minimize possible mistakes. During the breaks I speak with other players and follow the streams of top card players to note something new for myself». 

Lostov will come to the battleground closer to the midnight. A little earlier Ostkaka will be trying his strength with Surrender, and then the winner of this pair will go up against Firebat. And only then Lostov will find out the name of his rival. It is noteworthy that Aleksey will have to win only one match in a best-of-five match to join his teammate at the LAN Finals of the tournament. We hope that everything will go on target for our players, and the mythical god of Hearthstone will be on their side! 

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Cheer for HellRaisers!