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HR.Dota2 are the SLTV PreSeason Champions!

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 HellRaisers [3:1]  PRIES @bo5

HellRaisers had to play a match for the slot in SLTV StarSeries with a tough team, PRIES, who have made a name playing under the Yellow Submarine tag. On the way to the final these boys managed to win newteam123123 and LD.Dota2. 

The decisive fights started rather cheerfully. The teams from the first minutes began to implement their heroes. The important kills were got by HellRaisers' New Generation Carry aka Dread. A bit above thirty minutes after it HellRaisers pushed the matter through — 1:0.

On the second map the teams were doing more carefully. The first serious trade carried out at the 18th minute; at that time we saw three non-responsive kills by HellRaisers. The advantage, got in this and other fights, gave an opportunity for our boys to take the highground of the enemy. But the split push Antimage from the opposite team was making our boys restless. 38 minutes later PRIES did write a «GG»  — 2:0.

Not the best pick forced HellRaisers to play aggressively in the early game. But PRIES didn't lose courage, gradually getting the gold and experience advantage. 15 minutes later ex-Yellow Submarine started to dictate the rules of the game and take the towers of our team themselves. At the 28th minute HR have capitulated, 2:1. 

Having learned the lesson from the previous map, HellRaisers came to end the fourth game. The key moment was the fight of two teams at Roshan at the 25th minute. HR won the fight and didn't lose a hero, while PRIES brought themselves to the risk and got three comebacks. Having returned to the action, they did surprise Dread and Co., but the cold-bloodedness and teamwork of HellRaisers let them impede the advance. Although PRIES did cripple the economy of our team, they didn't manage to get to the top — 3:1!

 Andrey «Afoninje» Afonin's comment:

«It is always a pleasure to win. We didn't do our best though, since we've made so many mistakes. It is good that the rivals didn't punish for this misses and we still have time to master our game. Everything is good, we keep training and preparing for big challenges. Big hello to all our fans!»


 1:2   PRIES        
     2:0   PRIES    
 2:1   LD.Dota2    
         1:3   HellRaisers
 0:2   CIS Rejects      
  CIS Rejects      
     0:2   HellRaisers  
 2:0   HellRaisers      


HellRaisers have won and become the owners of the quota for SLTV StarSeries! Very soon we will please you with the information about the upcoming season of StarLadder. Follow the news on our website. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!