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HellRaisers Confidently Beat CIS Rejects

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  CIS Rejects @bo3

The players of these two teams know each other so well that they could impress the Psychic Challenge's referees. They were reading each other so goodly! On the first map, which lasted for more than 55 minutes, the key moment was QoP by Afoninje, who turned out to be unstoppable for any of the enemy's heroes. Although the beginning of the game was taken by Vanskor and Co, a few skillful fights by HellRaisers turned the course of the battle to the beneficial channel for our boys. In the late game we saw a few team wipe by Dread and Co., 1:0.

In the second part of the meeting it was CIS Rejects to pick Queen of Pain. Iceberg was playing it rather well, but the Slardar and Templar Assasin combo by HellRaisers worked better. At the beginning the teams were extensively trading the heroes and did engage into fights. By the 30th minute a few won team fights let HellRaisers get forward. 10 minutes later HR left the base of the rival almost without a structure, and after a while put a dot in the match — 2:0.

Comment of  Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko, the team’s manager:

«We haven't played against a big number of rivals with the updated roster yet.. and mostly it was the games with the former teammates from CIS Rejects. In general, the games with them were quite intensive. And mostly we were the one to get a victory, which is definitely good. We are slowly going our way. It will be interesting to try our strength in a match with European teams, but it will be a little later. And now all thoughts about tomorrow's match against the PRIES team (ex-Yellow Submarine), which we are not going to underestimate».

Our team will play the final of the qualifiers tomorrow. The rival is the Russians from PRIES. There will be more information about the match on the pages of our website tomorrow. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!