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ShtanUdachi: «Games with Orange were the Hardest»

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It is less than a month before the LAN Final of the tournament, but Aleksey has already started training before the most important event in his esport career. We've asked him a few questions about his impression on the tournaments, the system of it, and targeted rivals. Enjoy reading! 

— Hi, Aleksey. The second group stage of SLTV Hearthstone StarSeries Season 1 has already ended, which you've shown excellent results in again and got the ticket to the LAN Finals of the championship. What do you feel after such intensive matches? 

— Greetings. I'm very glad that I managed to show myself and got a good results. I will try to keep this up at the LAN Finals. 

— Against whom was the hardest game and why? 

— The hardest games were against Orange, since he had a very unpleasant lineup for me and it wasn't that easy to win.

— Are there people in the list you would like to meet with within some group stage, but it didn't happen?

— There were many dignified players I would like to play with, for example Firebat и Lifecoach.

— What can you say about the well-known players, who managed to make it into the last chance bracket? Among them there are the current Hearthstone world champions such as Kolento, Lifecoach and many others. 

— All players at the tournament has quite a high game level and it is not surprising that these players have made it into the last chance bracket. 

— How do you estimate chances of your teammates to get through the last chance bracket? They will have to play not that much matches, but there will be a lot of thing to worry about. 

— They have chances for sure. I will cheer for my them and will be happy to meet with them at the LAN Finals. 

— Did you like the system of SLTV's tournament? What would you change?
— I liked it. The format allows players to show themselves, since there are additional chances to go forward after a loss thanks to the last chance bracket. We shouldn't forget about the organization of the tournament either, which was at the high level, and it did please.  

— Leaving out your teammates, whom would you like to see as two last participants of the LAN Final of the tournament?
— I have to repeat, but all players are very strong and dignified, and I wouldn't mind going up against any of them in the last stage of the tournament in Kiev. 

— What are your predictions for the final stage of SLTV StarSeries Season 1?
— It is too early to predict something. Everyone will be doing their best and it won't be easy at all. I hope to see interesting games in the final and I, in my turn, will try everything to win. 

— Thanks, Aleksey, for your time and your answers. I wish you luck and new victories!
— Thank you!

Cheer for HellRaisers!