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No Right For a Mistake: HellRaisers vs CIS Rejects

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 HellRaisers vs  CIS Rejects @bo3
22.09, 20:00 CET

 HellRaisers: Dread, Afoninje, goddam, Shachlo, MeTTpum
 CIS Rejects: ARTES, Iceberg, gorec, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, Vanskor

Holidays are holidays, but official games should run on time. Having successfully started within SLTV PreSeason yesterday, our boys won the GR team with a 2:0 score and reached the next stage of the tournament. Today's rivals are the team called CIS Rejects, in the roster of which there are two former HR players. Let us recall that these two teams have already met each other within ASUS ROG Dreamleague Season 4 Open Qualifier. At that time the 2:1 score victory was taken by our boys. In that day Irog «Nexus» Lysakovskiy had to take the place of Andrey «Dread» Golubev, who was getting married during the very match. 

Our boys will have to try as hard as possible to win, since the single-elimination system doesn't forgive mistakes. By the way, in another part of the bracket there will be the battle between PRIES and LD.Dota2; we will be able to watch this match at 17:00 CET. In case of winning against CIS Reject, the final match for the place in SLTV StarSeries 13 will run on September 23. Arm yourself with patience and come to the stream of our game at 20:00 CET, since it must be really hot. 


 1:2   PRIES        
     2:0   PRIES    
 2:1   LD.Dota2    
         1:3   HellRaisers
 0:2   CIS Rejects      
  CIS Rejects      
     0:2   HellRaisers  
 2:0   HellRaisers      



Cheer for HellRaisers!