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HR.Dota2 Got Through First Stage of SLTV PreSeason

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  Greek Rejects

Our boys had started the meeting at the preseason qualifiers for the StarLadder with a game against one of the strongest European team. HellRaisers were playing this match in a full squad, even with newly wed Dread! The new generation carry was at his best and showed the respected game, having rapidly got back to the competitive rhythm. 

The most interesting turned out to be the second map of the strife. The teams with varying degrees of success were taking the lead, but our boys are always one little step ahead. This helped them with ending the meeting. A few skilfully won team fights and confidence in own moves are the keys to success! 

 Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko, the HR.Dota2 manager's post-match comment:

«Being at the wedding yesterday, and today being in full gear at watch. The new generation carry is back to the business, and this is cool. As for the match, the first match did run on target from start to finish, but there were some problems with the second one: mostly because of not the most successful pick, and in the next place the lack of discipline and tiredness. Obviously, boys did want to end as fast as possible and go to have a rest. We keep working and looking for our game».

The score is 2:0, and HellRaisers are playing against the old fellows from CIS Rejects tomorrow. You can find more information about the match in the preview, which will appear on the pages of this website tomorrow. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!