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Lostov & Kucha Played Their B Group Matches

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Aleksey «Lostov» Fursov and Aleksander «Kucha» Kulinich have ended their participation in the second group stage of SLTV StarSeries. Unfortunately, none of them have got the tickets to the LAN Finals. We have watched an enormous number of very interesting matches though. 

B Group
# Player G W L
1   Dog 2 2 0
2   StanCifka 3 2 1
3   Lostov 3 1 2
4   Kucha 2 0 2


StanCifka [2:3] Lostov

Dog [3:1] Kucha

Lostov [1:3] Dog

StanCifka [3:2] Kucha

StanCifka [3:2] Lostov

The day started with a match between Lostov and the Czech, StanCifka. The Russian started with an excellent implementation of his own Druid and Hunter. He took the lead with a 2:0 score, but an easy win didn't happen there. Lostov managed to implement his own Warlock only with the third shot: in the decisive, fifth match, he did away with Warrior by StanCifka.  

In the parallel meeting Kucha gave the fight to one of the strongest and most titled players of the planet for the moment, to the American, Dog. The oversea rival of the native of Novosibirsk was stunned after a loss in the first game, however he managed to make conclusions in time and didn't let Kucha win a single draw. With the same score, 3:1, Dog won Lostov and reached the Kiev LAN Finals.

Then it was a time of a parade of intense games with StanCifka and the boys from HellRaisers. In both meetings he was the one to celebrate the victory (3:2). The last strife with Lostov will be remembered for a long time. When the cards were running out, the fate of the winner was determined by the shot accuracy of Dr. Boom's bomb. Unfortunately, random helped the rival of our player at this time. 

 Aleksander «Kucha» Kulinich's comment:

«Unfortunately, I didn't manage to win today. Playing Rouge, I've lost three games to Dog, though chances weren't that bad. Sadly, but Boom in the first turn sends you far behind. Everything was going well with Stancifik though, but I was lack of luck again. At this time I lost thrice playing Hunter, who had a good match with both Druid and Paladin. In general, I'm okay with the game and will keep working to please the viewers in the last chance bracket».

 Aleksey «Lostov» Fursov's comment:

«Unfortunately, I didn't show my best play today. A few games were lost due my own mistakes, and in some ones my rivals were heavenly lucky to draw. In the last, decisive game with StanCifik I was thought to be a favorite, but at the end of the game I played too safely again, and as a result paid for that. My opponent decided to play an all-or-nothing game and he managed to win it. As a conclusion, I can say that I didn't get out from the group due to my own fault. I hope that the fortune will smiled upon me in the last chance bracket».

Now both Lostov and Kucha are going to the Last Chance Bracket, where they will be fighting for two more tickets for the Kiev LAN Finals. We will hope that our boys will succeed. You can follow their progress through the report

Cheer for HellRaisers!