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HR.ShtanUdachi Reached the SLTV LAN Finals

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According to the results of the group stage three fights, in which Aleksey Barsukov took part in this evening, he's taken the second place in the A quartet.

The results of today's matches of Aleksey «ShtanUdachi» Barsukov:

 ShtanUdachi [3:1]  Cipher
 ShtanUdachi [2:3]  ThijsNL
 ShtanUdachi [3:0]  Cipher

А Group
# Player G W L
1   ThijsNL  2 2 0
2   ShtanUdachi  3 2 1
3   Cipher  3 1 2
4   Firebat 2 0 2


In the first meetings against the British, Cipher, both players didn't even expect what their rivals could do, and thus played as safe as possible. In this strife the Russian player, ShtanUdachi, turned out to be more dexterous. He took up the rival faster, found the length of his deck and managed to find the counterarguments in his hand. The final score of the first meeting is 3:1 in our player's favor! 

After this win, the representative of HellRaisers got two chances to reach the Kiev LAN Finals. The first one wasn't implemented: the Dutchman, ThijsNL, in a tense match turned out to be better than Shtan. This is the player we will see in Kiev. 

In the decisive match for the quota Aleksey Barsukov faced off against the British, Cipher, again. The game, considering the final score, ran easier, but everything could become way harder if not for the Englishman's mistake. In the first game he didn't see the opportunity to finish the game in his favor, and as a result, lost. ShtanUdachi used the misstep of the opponent and ended the match in his favor — 3:0. 

The extensive comment on the game day by  Aleksey «ShtanUdachi» Barsukov:

«In the first match I was competing with Cipher. When I saw Mage in his pick, I did expect Freeze Mage, since I knew that he had often taken it at the tournaments before; but it was Mech Mage. I also expected to see Handlock, I was rather ready for it, since I had taken Malygos Warlock with two experienced Hunters myself, but it was Mirror Warlock. Nevertheless, I won with a 3:1 score. 

In the second game I was facing off against ThjisNL. He is a strong rival, too. He got it with the matchups, but didn't manage to win though. We ended with a 2:3 score. 

And, finally, in the final of the lower bracket I met Cipher again. I already knew the decks and the style of the game and that was making the game a little easier. As I found out later, the rival missed the lethal and thus we finished with a 3:0 score in my favor. In doing so I reached the LAN Finals in Kiev, where I will do my best to be up to the challenge».

Two HellRaisers players, Lostov and Kucha will try their strength in the battle for reaching the LAN Finals tomorrow. There is more information in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!