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Second Group Stage: ShtanUdachi vs Cipher

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 ShtanUdachi vs  Cipher @bo5

16.09, 18:00 CET

Very important games are about to begin. The ticket to the LAN Finals of SLTV's tournament first season is at stack. The first group stage has ended not so long ago, but players have already taken a breath, built up their strength and practiced a bit before the tournament by the SLTV studio. The lot fell in such way that group opponents of our players turned out to be Firebat, ThijsNL and Cipher. He will play a game against the last one today. As well as in the first group stage, we will see the GSL system. It is important to understand that two players, who will take the best places in the group, will go to the capital of Ukraine to take part in the final stage. Another two card masters will fall into the last chance bracket, where a huge number of participants will be fighting for two more quotas for the LAN Finals. 

At the moment Cipher takes the 5th place in the European rating and the 12th place in the world one. He's been a member of the Fade 2 Karma team since July 6 of this year. He has on his account 91 official matches, and he's won 50 of which. It is noteworthy, that our player reached the second group stage from the first place, having beat Lifecoach and Zalae with 3:0 and 3:2 scores. It will be hard for Aleksey today, but we will cheer for him and he will succeed for sure!  

There is more information about the SLTV Kick-off Season tournament in our report. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!