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HellRaisers Played Two Matches at FACEIT League

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 HellRaisers [9:16]  Team SoloMid @overpass

With two substitutions in the roster in the figure of young Kiev players our team started their way at the third stage of the FACEIT league. Ilya «fix» Holovko at the last moment supplied the place of Emil  «kUcheR» Ahundov, who was away due to solving the visa quesiton. As a result our boys had to use the limited tactic arsenal and made many mistakes due the lack of the team work. 

The beginning of the battle was rather good though. HellRaisers took the lead with a 7:2 score on de_overpass, did feel the rival and were skilfully shooting. However, TeamSoloMid managed to readjust in time, turned on the aggression and started getting first kills, and that helped them to change the course of the fight in a big way and by the end of the half leave the opponents behind. After the side switching the Danes push the matter through — 9:16. 

 HellRaisers [17:21]  G2.Kinguin @cache

The second match of the day was against the new-signed roster of Gamer2. Ex-Kinguin are famous by their game on de_cache. Their legendary win over Virtus.pro, who didn't manage to get a score, does prove it. But HellRaisers gave the fight, made a comeback at the second half and brought the game to the overtime period.  

In a series of extra rounds the successful play on the terrorist side by Maikelele and Co. gave the result of the game. These boys called HellRaisers on making mistakes and managed to quite rapidly end the fight in their favor — 17:21.

 Rustem «mou» Telepov's comment:

«We had found out that Emil had to go to make a visa for Sweden just today, so we had to play with substitutions. We almost don't have time to practice, since we are having the games in our national teams, which we can't miss either! As for the game, we tried to do our best today: both in the game with TSM and G2. We was just lack of the teamplay to win TCM on de_overpass on the defense side, and in the game against G2 we needed to take a little more rounds on the attack side. Also it is not that comfortable to play with the ping about 100 and an old computer. I hope that today or tomorrow I will get a long-awaited visa and fly to the boys on the bootcamp, where we will have a couple of days for training for the most important tournament! Thanks everyone, who was watching and supporting us».

HellRaisers are having many matches within the FACEIT League. There is more information in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!