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HR Found out Names of Group Rivals at DH Open Stockholm

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16 teams all over the world will face off against each other in Stockholm, Sweden on September 22. There they will be fighting in a double-elimination system with a best-of-three match format. Only 8 best teams will manage to qualify for the next major tournament called DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca. which is to begin at end of October.  

The rest of 8 participants of DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca are the teams, which have taken 9-16 places at ESL One Cologne. Our team, in their turn, will have to get through an uneasy path, but now the system of the tournament is more comfortable. 

А Group Group С Group Group
  Cloud 9   HellRaisers   Renegades   CLG
  Immunity   eBettle   mousesports   Flipsid3
  MIXCAT   Titan   Team Liquid   Lounge Gaming
  Dignitas   Skyred   Mythic   CPH Wolves

After the draw the opponents of HellRaisers turned out to be eBettle, Titan and Sryred. This Polish five has become an obstacle for our boys at the qualifiers for ESL One Cologne 2015, and now HellRaisers have got the chance to get their own back. ANGE1 and Co. have met the French team many time as well, but in Stockholm there will be the quota for the major tournament at stack, so the matches will be stunning and very interesting.  

The first matches of our group will begin on September 25. Titan will play with the Skyred team, and then HellRaisers will compete with the eBettle one. The match of our boys has been planned for 15:30 CET. In about three hours after the game of HellRaisers there will be a meeting of winners, where one team will get a sacred prize, while a loser will try their strength again on September 26. There is more information about the match schedule on the link

Cheer for HellRaisers!