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Faces of HellRaisers: Aleksandr «Kucha» Kulinich

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The process of the transformation a casual player into a professional is very long and difficult. Young players, looking for an opportunity to show themselves, often reach the game level comparable to the world leaders' one. The hero of today's material is rapidly going forward new victories. On the way to the invitation into HellRaisers he had managed to win many competitions himself, but he still remains a mysterious and unexplored person. We have had a talk with Aleksandr to find out more about him and now we are ready to share this information with you. 


Please meet, Kucha!

The future esportsman was born in the administrative capital of one of the most outlying regions in Russia, the Amur Region. In Blagoveshchensk, which is located on the line with China, he came into the world and spent the first year of his life. 

«Answering the question about where I was born: I say in China. A year later my mother, father and I have moved to Novosibirsk, where I'm still living. I was growing up in a casual Russian family. My mother is an insurance broker, my father works at the factory. I don't have any brothers or sisters, but during the whole life it was made up with cats. I have had really a lot of cats and at the moment I have two ones». 

In school, Aleksandr was a docile child, but sometimes interesting strories would happen with him. Here is one of them.

«In the third grade I had a laugh getter. At the dance lesson my partner stepped on my foot and I informed a teacher against her. «Spit on her»,— the teacher answered.  And since I was told by my mom to listen to the teachers, this was literally what I did. As a result I was taken out to the homeroom teacher, and the parents were called to the school. That girl's mother was working in the police, and my parents would put a joke on me for a long time after it, as though Dasha's mother would come and take me up to the jail».

Up to a point Kulinich kept an exemplary student, but due to different reasons the marks started falling down. Sasha didn't care about that though. And this is right, the knowledge is more important than marks!

«First few years of study did go well, but in the seventh grade I missed almost half a year because I was taken ill quite often, and instead of excellent marks I started getting acceptable ones. Bad grades didn't prevent me from passing the State Final Examination in the nineth grade and the Unified National Exam in the eleventh one though».

In parallel with it Sasha was forming his own personality. He started getting new hobbies, setting priorities and forming tastes. 

«First 5 year of study I was learning English. Also I've been playing football for more than 10 years. When I was 13, my friends and I decided to try out ourselves in music and at that time I learned to play the guitar. In the first year there were not a lot I could cope with (my poor parents, who had to be my listeners against their will). But diligence is the mother of success: a few years later I was able to play almost all my favorite songs, and in tough times I earned myself for goodies, playing in the park. At the same time I took up a new hobby, Magic: The Gathering».

Approximately in these years Aleksandr got himself familiar with his first personal computer. As well as every boy, he considered it as a way to have fun in the first turn. 

«The computer was bought when I was about 12. One of my first games was Need For Speed: Underground 2, which was my birthday present. I also used to play GTA: Vice city, different FIFA versions. And, of course, I played up the characters in Sims!»

The next vital event in Kucha's life was graduating from school and entering the university. He had approved  his quantitative skills at school, but decided to go another direction. 

«I always liked mathematic, but, by a twist of fate, I chose the humanities institute. At the moment I'm in the fourth year at Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking, and I have a year and a half left to get a diploma».

In my student days the love of videogames gradually began turning into the willing to compete. But at that time it was not about the card games at all. 

«I had been playing League of Legends before Hearthstone. I even took part in a few not big tournaments, but didn't achieve some special results. And thus, having got the Platinum rank, I've lost my interest to the game».

Aleksandr used to play Magic: The Gathering a lot too, but after releasing of the similar game by Blizzard, he didn't want to stay in the first one. 

«The friends from MTG suggested me trying to play Hearthstone, when the open beta was released at the end of the Winter of 2014. Just a few games were enough for me: HS didn't impress me at all. The second time I entered the game was at the beginning of the Summer, but I played a game and gave up on it. And by the middle of the Summer, taking up the advice of my friend, I tried the game for the third time. And I'm still playing it».

Now Sasha sets the highest goal possible. He sees many summits in the esport, which he is willing to climb on. 

«Since I've been a sportsman during my whole life, I have the same attitude towards the esports, I take it very seriously. In Hearthstone, as well as in any other sport, you have to practice a lot to succeed, and that is exactly what I am doing now. The esport helps talented people to find their place in life, and above all, brings a sea of emotions to a huge number of people. I think that everything should be done to please the viewers».

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