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FACEIT First Matches: Meetings with TSM and G2.Kinguin

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Faceit League Stage 3

 HellRaisers vs  Team Solomid @overpass

15.09, 20:00 СЕТ

 HellRaisers vs  G2.Kinguin @cache
15.09, 21:00 СЕТ

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, AdreN, mou, standin.s1mple, standin.fix
 Team Solomid: device, dupreeh, karrigan, Xyp9x, cajunb
 G2.Kinguin: Maikelele, ScreaM, fox, dennis, rain

The long-awaited league by Faceit is about to begin, the prize fund of which is still unknown. Our team will play two matches on September 15, and the first one will be against Team Solomid. This squad from Denmark has got in shape and is not going to stop surprising with their results, having taken the third place in the world rating of the best CS:GO team, according to gosugamers. As for the last matches, Karrigan and Co. lost only two games out of nine, one of which ran within the play-off stage of ESL ESEA Pro League Invitational Dubai against the Virtus.pro team, which later got a victory in the championship. The results of face-to-face meetings are not in favor of our boys at all, but these matches ran quite a long time ago; in addition, HellRaisers managed to kick TSM out from the Acer Predator Masters tournament. Today our boys will play with s1mple and fix, so the game should be very interesting and unexpected.  

The next rival is the G2.Kinguin team. Four days ago it was announced that the Spanish organization, Gamers2, have signed the international roster headed by Maikelele, who has got back to the world CS:GO stage. These boys have not played a game under the current tag yet, but today they are to be ready to fight. Let us recall, that the system works in the way that each team will play twice with each other, so ANGE1 and Co. will have to get well-prepared to start the first game day well. By the way, the match format is best-of-one, which some professional players like associating with the roulette. Only one map and no right to make a mistake. We will see what the teams will demonstrate in the evening.  

There is more information about the league in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!