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HellRaisers in numbers: Kirill «ANGE1» Karasyov

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Today's hero of our episode is the Capitan of the HellRaisers team is Kirill «ANGE1» Karasyov. In his 26 years, he's made a name for himself within the whole European CS:GO stage, and show an excellent level of the game. His leader characters do help the team in many ways. HellRaisers become better and better, and that does please for sure. 

And right now you may have a look at the statistics of our player:

  • During his esport career, ANGE1's played 657 official maps, and the total numbers of played rounds is 17068. 
  • Kirill's got 12200 kills and died 11817 times. (K/D ratio is 1.03).
  • The Capitan of HellRaisers has a big number of open-frags, 2288 opponents fell down by his hands!
  • Playing for HellRaisers, ANGE1's highest ration was got at the ESL One Cologne 2015 European Qualifier, 1.26. In the show-match against Moscow Five this number was equal to 1.55.
  • The biggest number kills was got on the de_inferno map, 3023.
  • In 652 round he's got three kills in a row. And four kills in a row were made in 135 rounds.
  • In the official matches Kirill Karasyov has made 19 aces!

  • On average he gets 70 frags, 19 assists in 100 rounds. 
  • ANGE1's favorite weapon is the AK-47. It is the weapon he's got 4507 kills with. The second place is taken by the M4A1-S with 2382 kills, and the third one is on the M4A1-S unsilenced version, 1627 killed opponents.
  • P250 is the most successful pistol of Kirill in CS:GO. He's made 432 frags with it. 
  • 131 rivals died by the HE grenades of HellRaisers' in-game leader.
  • Clutch rounds: 166 «1 v 1» situations and 61.45% wins in his favor. 65 «1 v 2» rounds were taken by ANGE1. In the «1 v 3» ones, he has 8 wins, «1 v 4» — win and 1 won «1 v 5» clutch round against the Polish team, Virtus.pro.
  • The headshot ratio of ANGE1 is 47,1%.
  • Considering unofficial matches, Kirill has earned $320,608,988 in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and the number of caused damage just fascinate, 30,585,359 points.
  • And, of course, the most important rate in the whole statistics: the Capitan of HellRaisers has broken 1552 windows!

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Cheer for HellRaisers!