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Results of «Guess Updated HR.Dota2 Roster!» Сontest

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In just under a month before the long-awaited announcement of two recruits of the team, we suggested you trying yourself as an analytical expert and announced the beginning of the «Guess Updated HR.Dota2 Roster!» contest. We've been pleasantly surprised of your activity, and we even took note of some players you suggested!

But eventually the team has decided upon the variant with adding Daniil «MeTTpuM» Gileev and Maksim «Shachlo» Abramovskikh into the roster. There is only one player, who's managed to predict such turn of events, his nickname is MerVing!

Congratulations on the victory! To get your present, the HellRaisers T-Shirt, contact us by the e-mail [email protected].

There will be more contests and presents from HellRaisers in the future!  And, of course, the most important, victories! 

Cheer for HellRaisers!