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HR.Hearthstone will play at the WSVG 2015 Maldives Qualifiers

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WSVG 2015 Maldives is about to begin. The best Starcraft 2, FIFA, Age of Empires II, Hearthstone players will be fighting on the Maldive Islands for the prize fund of $60,000. The organizers have allocated $20,000 for Hearthstone, which is thought to be a good prize nowadays. In addition, the venue will be just stunning!  

The open CIS qualifiers will start from September 12, which only four will come out victorious from. The first qualifying round will run on the goodgame platform. By the way, you can check-in there right now! The winners will join 12 invited players, who are considered to be the best players in their regions, and will continue fighting at the next stage of the qualifiers from September 14-20. From all participants only 4 finalists will be determined. They will face off against each other at the LAN Finals in Moscow, where they will fight for one quota for WSVG Maldives 2015. 

The list of invited players:

  •  Empire.Setzer
  •  Empire.Pavel
  •  Vega.Lucky
  •  Vega.Rezakoman
  •  HellRaisers.ШтанУдачи
  •  HellRaisers.Kucha
  •  HellRaisers.Lostov
  •  HellRaisers.NickChipper
  •  SevenHits.Tataby
  •  Gnumme
  •  Abver
  •  Steelrat

We will have a lot of interesting battles. All information about them will appear by the beginning of the matches. After the tournament the decks of players will appear on the pages of our website and on social networks. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!