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HellRaisers shared points with Dignitas

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 HellRaisers [1:1]  Dignitas @bo2
16:10 @cobblestone, 3:16 @overpass

Today's meeting was a good chance for our team to shatter the throne of the Danes, who have climbed very high at the standings and have a good gap with the chasers. However, after a tense win on the first map, the second one didn't go well for HellRaisers at all. 

On the de_cobblestone map performed by HellRaisers we could see a good defense again, which happens quite rarely in modern CS:GO. By the way, it was one of the strongest map of Dignitas' old roster, but now, together with Andreas «schneider» Lindberg, they will have to learn it again. The Swedish player did show himself in a good way though, but at some situations, especially on the CT side, the Norse didn't have enough communication and fast reaction for goings-on. 

On de_overpass we saw a game of clutches, micro moments and timings, which at that time were completely on the side of the Danes. We perfectly know that HR are able to avoid the obstacles and faultlessly play even on the attack side on this uneasy map. But Dignitas turned out to be stronger today. It is especially important to mark the main sniper of the team, Pimp. He was at his best on both first and second maps.  

 Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov, HR's coach's comment:

«We won the pick of the rival without some big problems and lost ours without chances at all. The reason is a systematic mistake, which we had done before and thought we had fixed it, but, unfortunately, when everything goes according to the plan, we may forget about small nuances, which lead to the full lost of control, making up some nonsense and some too hard tactics, as a result to such a devastative scores. As Daur said yesterday, it is very good that the teams reminds about that at the beginning of the season and just asks us to steady down… GG, Dignitas!»

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Cheer for HellRaisers!