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ShtanUdachi is Second In D Group

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Having avenged on Orange in a decisive match of the D group, ShtanUdachi has taken the second place in the tournament bracket of the D group within SLTV Season 1. He's reached the next stage, where he will join other HR players such as Kucha and Lostov.  

D Group
# Player G W L
1   Dog 2 2 0
2   ШтанУдачи 3 2 1
3   Orange 3 1 2
4   Forsen 2 0 2


ShtanUdachi [1:3] Orange
Dog [3:2] Forsen
Dog [3:0] Orange
ShtanUdachi [3:2] Forsen
ShtanUdachi [3:2] Orange

The evening started not that well for Aleksey: the experienced Swedish player, Orange, won the young and ambitious Russian with a 3:1 score. After the first match ShtanUdachi got further thanks to his smart implementation of his own Druid. After the hero changing it didn't go as good as in the first round. Orange implemented his Warrior, Mage and Hunter decks, while Warlock by Aleksey didn't bring the expected result. 

In the elimination match ShtanUdachi was facing off against Forsen, one more Norse player. He had lost to a favorite of the group, to the American player under a nickname Dog, before it, and thus he was aimed at winning the Russian and fighting for the second place in the group. That is how he started: two wins on Warlock and Druid. But then ShtanUdachi turned on his maximum and got back three match points, which the Swedish was going to play Mage in. This deck had failed him, and thus Aleksey made a goodly comeback — 3:2!

In the match for reaching the next stage, Barsukov had to play with Orange! And here was an unsuccessful start again for Aleksey. Orange took the lead in the score, 2:0, having left Warlock by ShtanUdachi far behind. Perfectly understanding that he didn't lose all chances, HellRaisers' player used Druid for the first win, Warlock to level the score, and put a dot in the battle with his Warrior! The fifth game came to the stage, when none of the players had a card in their deck. Fortunately, the Russian came to this moment with a better hand and a bigger number of helth points. ShtanUdachi wins — 3:2!

 Aleksey «ШтанУдачи» Barsukov's comment:

«The first match run rather hard, I knew the lineup, but I didn't know what exactly cards my rival would play. In most of the cases it was the reason I couldn't show my best game

I failed the beginning of the game in the second match again, there were two bad matchups. Zoolock for my Control Warrior and Druid against my Handlock, but then I managed to get back into the game and won, 2:3.  

In the third match I had to play with Orange again, but at that time I already knew what I should expect from him. Despite two first losses, I wasn't doubtful of the final result, since my lineup works very good against the deck the rival had, it was Control Warrior. The last match turned out to be the most difficult one, but, in spite of the game to the fifth map, I managed to correctly calculate removals and beat the opponent!».

All three players of HellRaisers got through the group stage, having taken the second place in their subgroups. There is more information about this in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!