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Kucha Reached Next Stage of SLTV StarSeries 1

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The Hearthstone players of our organization continue pleasing with their results. Right after Aleksey «Lostov» Fursov, who's taken the second place in his group on Friday, Kucha has reached the second stage of the Hearthstone Star Series. 

C Group
# Player G W L
1   Firebat 2 2 0
2   Kucha 3 2 1
3   Lothar 3 1 2
4   Ostkaka 2 0 2


Kucha [3:2] Ostkaka
Firebat [3:2] Lothar
Kucha [1:3] Firebat
Ostkaka [2:3] Lothar
Kucha [3:2] Lothar

The match of Aleksand against the strong Swedish player, Ostkaka, was the one to open the day. Having brilliantly started the fight with a winning tree by Paladin and Patron Warrior, Kuchu did try hard playing his Hunter. In the third draw to the lethal he was lack of only one mana point, in the third one the rival managed to end a meeting without a card in the hand and with an alone Paladin on the table, the small stats of whom were increased after the buff came. In the decisive match the fortune was on the side of the HellRaisers player, who randomly got an excellent legendary card, King Krush. Druid by Ostkaka didn't have a chance to neutralize such a strong creature and capitulated.  

The result of the match against Firebat might have been absolutely different, if not for a certain moment, when Kucha found one more damage point. In the game against Firebat, the world champion and one of the strongest player of the globe, our player managed to win playing his favored secret Paladin. This deck took the lead over the strongest deck build of Firebat: even 2-in-a-row drawn Execute cards didn't help him to save the situation. We've also seen a strife of two Patron Warriors, which the American turned out to be stronger in. As a result Firebat won — 3:1 

In the last match of the day the Russian player met with the Polish one under a Lothar nickname. The highlight of the meeting has happened at the 1:1 score. Kucha rolled his Patrons, while Lothar was using the situation and managed to level his Berserk up. At the moment of damage dealing his dps was equal to thirty nine. 39, Carl! But Kucha didn't get upset and won two last games, having ended the fight with a 3:2 score in his favor.  

 Aleksandr «Kucha» Kulinich's comment:

«It was cool to play against one of the best players of the world. And the decoration of the day was the game with the world champion, Firebat. It was my first huge tournament and firstly I was nervous, since such a big audience was watching your game. Fortunately, the luck and skill turned out to be on my side».

There is more information about SLTV StarSeries Season 1 in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!