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HellRaisers Won Online Qualifiers for DH Cluj-Napoca

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Today HellRaisers played three important matches. The games ran in a bo3 format and started very early (for esport standards). All results, the tournament bracket and the lineups are in our report

HellRaisers' results at DH Cluj-Napoca closed qualifier:

[2:1] vs  Wizards (14:16 @inferno, 16:4 @overpass, 16:10 @train)
[2:0] vs  London Conspiracy (16:4 @overpass, 16:3 @dust2)
[2:0] vs  SK Gaming (16:4 @cache, 16:3 @train)

The first match, which the teams started playing at 12:00 CET, was very tense and interesting. The Spanish team, Wizards, was playing very well, especially on the first map. Wizards managed to make a comeback, having lost the counter-terrorist side, and won HR with a 14:16 score. However, on the second and third maps we saw real, awake, cool and aggressive HellRaisers, who were dominating non-stop. On de_overpass the Spanish were broken with a 16:4 score, and on de_train everything was decided by the confident defense of our boys. They managed to take 11 rounds in the first half and pushed the matter through on the attack side. 

Another two rivals, despite expectations, put up a way less resistance. And both the Norse from London Conspiracy and the Danes from SK Gaming didn't manage to demonstrate their game against HellRaisers. They took only 14 (1) rounds for both of them! On the second map of the match for the quota, our boys did take 16 rounds in a row, losing 0:3. 

Three victories and the quota for Stockholm is ours! Now our five is having one more challenge on September 22, which is to be even harder. On the LAN in the capital of Sweden, the ticked to the major tournament will be at stack, so the boys will still have time to prepare and get in shape. 

 Kirill «ANGE1» Karasyov's comment:

«We were really annoyed by the Spanish in the first tour, so we needed more and more time for each of the next games. And thus we got in shape in shooting for the decisive bo3 and didn't leave any chances to the enemy. It is a pleasure to get through such qualifiers without big problems, but it will be harder later».

There is more information about the ended qualifier in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!