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HR on the way to DH Cluj-Napoca: Online Qualifier

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A sudden announcement of the next tournament supported by the developers of the game, the Valve company, has become a surprise for the whole CS:GO community. The next major tournament, which 16 best teams from all over the world will take part in, starts at the end of October.  

HellRaisers will have to get through a tense path through the online and LAN qualifiers to become a participant of this grand event. The first stage for our boys is starting on September 6. HR will take part in the closed stage of the online qualifiers, where only two out of 16 teams (8 invited and 8 winners of the open qualifiers) will get the tickets to Stockholm, to the last qualifying stage. 

HellRaisers' road to the tournament for $250,000:

  • Closed online qualifiers #1 — September 6
  • Closed online qualifiers #2 (if need be) — September 13
  • Lan qualifiers in Stockholm — from September 22-26 
  • Dreamhack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 — from October 29 to November 1

You can find out about the spirit of our players and their goals from this videoblog of Kirill «ANGE1» Karasyov, 

General information

  • The tournament is starting on September 1 at 13:00 CET
  • 8 invited and 8 winners of yesterday's open qualifiers are taking part in it
  • The first rival of HellRaisers, match schedule and tournament bracket will be announced immediately prior to the games
  • The format of all matches is bo3, the Single Elimination bracket. 
  • Two strongest teams will reach the LAN qualifiers in Stockholm


HellRaisers' matches

[2:1] vs  Wizards (14:16 @inferno, 16:4 @overpass, 16:10 @train)

[2:0] vs  London Conspiracy (16:4 @overpass, 16:3 @dust2)

[2:0] vs  SK Gaming (16:4 @cache, 16:3 @train)

Bracket (time in CET)


 0:2   k1ck    
   2:0   k1ck  
 2:0   Reason    
     0:2   Cph Wolves
  Cph Wolves      
 2:0   Cph Wolves    
   2:1   Cph Wolves  
 2:1   PENTA    
  SK Gaming      
 2:0   SK Gaming    
   2:0   SK Gaming  
 2:1   Dobry    
     0:2   HellRaisers
  Space Sold.      
 1:2   LC    
   0:2   HellRaisers  
 2:1   HellRaisers    




 HellRaisers: ANGE1, AdreN, Dosia, kUcheR, mou

 Team Dignitas: Pimp, aizy, Kjaerbye, Nico, MSL

 SK Gaming: AcilioN, cadiaN, SandeN, BERRY, Friis

 Reason: JUGI, k0nfig, HUNDEN, tabu, maeVe

 Jefes: glace, LOMME, raalz, holtz, EXR

 PENTA: tabseN, stavros, strux1, crisby, kRYSTAL

 EURONICS: asmo, oddo, Rayv, silv, paes

 Copenhagen Wolves: RUBINO, twist, zende, zEVES, jkaem

 London Conspiracy: maak, Skurk, Polly, Mystic, slap

 Wizards: mopoz, sukitRon, xikii, meisoN, varito

 Dobry Gaming: morelz, MICHU, Loord, innocent, SZPERO

 Space Soldiers: e1, ONLY, TuGuX, XANTARES, DESPE

 MIXCAT: sunNy, xartE, jOELZ, juho, naSu

 INFINITY: Maxaki, REASTEN, PyromaRnE, dejvin, jayzaR

 Torpedo: tease, darti, atter, decent, Awien

 k1ck: flash, ZEN, DeadFox, t3h f4rm3r, NOFEAR