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«The Grand Tournament». Decks by HellRaisers

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The Hearthstone world has got new 132 cards, which somehow ring the changes in the game and added new decks in the meta. Indeed, these decks are thought to be very strong and interesting. For example, Shaman has got a few new class cards, which have increased his popularity in the ladder. Paladin, in his turn, has become an owner of one of the best, or maybe the best, epic card called Mysterious Challenger, which has a stunning battle cry: you set up on the table each secret from your deck. Yeah, the deck has become very popular. In addition, we've got new Dragons, which fit in the decks for Priests and Warriors. It is also important to mention the appearance  of the legendary card called Justicar Trueheart. Control Warriors also have got a not bad boost, since this class now have one more legendary card, Varian Wrynn, who, in theory, having 10 mana points, set three extra creatures up on the table. And what can we do with them then? Nothing. Tempo Mages have become a little more popular, since we've got new variations of decks with Rhonin and Archmage Antonidas. Well, this is very interesting, but now we suggest you having a look at four decks of our players, which, according to their opinion, are optimal. In addition, each of them has already played some number of games in the ladder and considered all minuses and pluses, having added corrections into the builds.  

Don't forget about the blog of Nikolai «NickChipper» Velichko that has recently appeared on the pages of our website. He's told about the meta and new decks. Don't fail to read his work on this link

New Malygos Warlock by Lostov seemed very interesting, since the player has added Alexstrasza in this colection. Synergy of Dragons sometimes turned out to be very and very strong.

  Aleksey «Lostov» Fursov's comment:

«Unlikely you can surprise someone with this deck in the ladder: Malygos-lock had been quite popular before the release of the update. TGT has brought in this deck new Dragons Twilight Guardian, which have good stats of 3-6 and the provocation skill. They also intensify the mid-game, and help hold on to the late one, where we are going to kill the rival with Malygos and сheap spells by Thaurissan. Swamp Ooze is one of the important cards in this deck. Right now all the most popular classes use a weapon (Warrior, Hunter, Paladin)».


Midrange Hunter by NickChipper has got a second card Hunter's Mark, Tracking, Bear Trap and two Lock and Load. Nikolai decided not to use Explosive Trap though. Such deck looks quite interesting. 

 Nikolai «NickChipper» Velichko's comment:

«The most interesting card from the new update, in my opinion, is Lock and Load. I decided to use it in this deck. It worked rather well. As a result, I have reached the 9th legendary rank from the 489th one, but after it I lost a couple of games and stopped at the 37th legendary rank. As for the main questions: Why two marks of Hunter? We've got many taunt decks, and the mark of Hunter is one of the strongest card of Hunter on its own, and also it is an excellent combo with LnL. 3 traps and that's all? These traps are very strong in this meta, and you mustn't play Hunter with less than 3 traps if you take two bows. Also you can change dogs to extra fourth drop. For example, 5-3 charges for 4 mana should work good. Try and test more concrete guides».



New Dragon Warrior by ShtanUdachi showed all power of the Grand Tournament update. Legendery cards, which made it into the collection is Chillmaw and Varian Wrynn. By the way, the performance of the deck is very high. 

 Aleksey «ShtanUdachi»  Barsukov's comment:

«I decided to build new Dragon Warrior. I had been trying to make it before the update, but with this update we've got many new cards, new Dragons, more synergy, more space for improving this archetype. The first one I would like to put in a deck is of course new Dragon Taunts. Twilight Guardian is a highly strong card, which helps to suppress the aggression. Also a new legendary Dragon taunt Chillmaw, which is a great card and a counter-card for Partron Warrior in some way. A new second drop is Alexstasza Champion. You can kill enemy Acolyte of Pain and other cards like that for free. And, of course, new class legendary card for Warrior, Varian Wrynn. In my opinion, it is a card of the Dr. Boom level. Even if you draw 3 cards, the effect is still strong enough. As time goes by, the deck will be changed and maybe become one of the top decks. My top result with this deck is the 11th legendary rank. I will continue trying this deck out».

Midrange Druid by Kucha hasn't been changed a lot, but in the deck he's got a new interesting card called Darnassus Aspirant, which is simmilar to Innervate. Also Aleksandr decided to add The Black Knight, which, in his opinion, will work very well in the current meta.

   Aleksandr «Kucha» Kulinich's comment:

«Within the new cards I decided to add Darnassus Aspirant. since this card increases our chances for getting the ramp at the beginning of the game. In addition, we are having a creature for such secrets as Mirror Entity and Freezing Trap, which put some troubles playing Druid. Also I was experimenting with Living Roots, but, in my opinion, this card should be used with Token Druid, but not with Midrange. As for the new cards, I like Mulch, but it would work better with the agro style. Also in this deck there is The Black Knight. This card perfectly fits in the current meta, since many players experiment with Dragons now».

Try, experiment and you will succeed for sure! Go for victories, friends!  

Cheer for HellRaisers!