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kUcheR Answered Fans’ Questions

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Since August 28 everyone had an opportunity to ask any qustion to Emil Ahundov. And today is the day, when we are ready to publish the answers. Enjoy reading! 

kapral: Hi, Emil. Could you tell about your and team's the most essential rivals? Are there teams you can't allow to lose to and doing your best not to let it happen?
kUcheR: Hello. We don't have such essential rivals, but we always want to get through the qualifiers here, in CIS. That means beating such rivals as Natus Vincere and Flipsid3 Tactics. 

Oksvord: What goals are the team and you personally aimed at? 
kUcheR: The goal of the team is to reach the upcoming major tournament, which is to run in two months.

dasISTfakT: Hello. Firstly, I want to say thank you to the team for your excellent game and to you, personally, Emil. I wish you the best in your family life, health and prosperity. And the stability, confidence and wins for the team, since you can be the best. My question is what is the atmosphere in your team, since you often face a flaw of negative comments due to lost games? Does it have a big impact on you and do you often listen to the constructive comments, which appear in the comments sometimes. And for the final, are you going well preparing for the autumn stage of games? Have you prepared something new for us and the opponents? Thanks for attention! 
 Thanks a lot. We have a great atmosphere in the team. We read both positive and negative comments (the last ones don't have a big impact on us). We are getting more upset by losing. Now we are going to the bootcamp on our base in Kiev and started training hard, since the major tournament is on the bows already 🙂

almatish: How often do you train before ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2? Do you prepare new tactics? Are you sure you will show the best result? 
kUcheR: Before the previous ESL we had known the map and the rival and always would prepare some different tricks and anti-tactics for them. It's seen by the result against the top teams (when we won NiP, fnatic and other teams with a 2:0 score)

g0dl1k3: Good evening, Emil. My question is: are you going to change the roster? And my personal question: how long have you been playing CS? Have you been playing 1.6 before? What teams were you playing for? Thanks for your attention.
We are not going to make substitutions in the team. I've been playing CS for 12 years. The most memorable team was Je. KerchNET; it was the team I started winning different tournaments with and broke into the esport. And, of course, the DTS team; it is the team I will always remember (there were friends, I'm strill playing in one team with 🙂

Forget: What are the demands to make it into the esport?
kUcheR: You have to play a lot! This is the only thing that will help ypu. And, of course, you have to be lucky a bit to get noticed and invited for the test. This how It happened with me.

12345:  I've noticed many times that either you or ANGE1, for example, pick up AWP and play very strong with it, and your team sniper is doing his best himself. Therefore I've got a question: are you training all weapons together or it is up to everyone to decide what weapon to play with. Could you consider yourself to be able to play with any weapon? Or is it just about aftershocks of your last skills and the luck factor? 
kUcheR: Я I pick up AWP, since I used to play with this rifle for 10 years. 🙂 This is not hard for me to take it and get a couple of kills. ANGE1 is just fond of it. He likes shooting with it, but neither me nor ANGE1 are not training AWP at the moment. 

12345: I remember how I was synchronously throwing up my arms with you for each gained round at the APM grand final. Are you that emotional in the real life, too, or was it just a gaming, drive moment? 
kUcheR: ДYeah, I'm emotional and cheerful in the real life, too, a bit. 🙂 Sometimes it helps the team, sometimes it doesn't. 

12345: It is written that you traing for 10 hours. Is to hard to combine the private life and esport?
Да. Yes, I do train a lot and I'm very happy with my second half, since very often she supports and helps me. 

Parfen: How did mou get used to the team? How do you like him?
mou got used to the team very well. He is improving with every official game. He is a cool guy! 

VDikan: How did you combine studing and CS? I'm also willing to make in into the big esport, but I'm 14 years old. I have the big experience of playing CS and take part in the SLTV amateur league. Say hi to ANGE1. 🙂 

kUcheR: I was studing and playing at the same time. When I started to play, I was about your age. I played a lot and my mother always was against this, but when I came to Moscow to the ASUS final and won it, having got the first place and a good money for that time (at that time the prize fund was given with cash). After that my parent believed in me and now only supports me. 

12345: Very often there is the situation when you have to come out from short on de_dust2 and kill an enemy on goose or the ramps; on overpass you have to come out from the short and kill a guy at the drums or behind the car on the banana on inferno. Do you train such default fire-fights? If so, how do you do that? 
We play a lot of mix games, and in these games we train these fire-fights. You shoud play even matchmaking this way. Always train your favorite positions and tricks, which you learn from pro players. 

DoKeR: How do you feel about the fact that almost everyone in the team is from different counties or cities?
 Sometimes it gets in the way. For example, when the boys in Kazakhstan, we face the ping problems. In official matches it affects their game. But in general it is okay and there is nothing bad about this. 

artm1-: Hi, Emil! Don't you think that you have overtrained before the qualifiers for Cologne and came to the tournament too ready and due to this lost? Will you change the way you traing before the next major tournament? 
 No. We were training in a normal way. I think we didn't overburn. The system was rather uncomfortable for us: bo1 is a too random format. I think if it were bo3, we would get through the qualifiers. 

Very soon on our website there will be a news, where you will be able to ask a question to a Dota 2 player. Follow the news on our website. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!