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Lostov vs Lifecoach: Revenge!

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 Lostov [3:1]  Lifecoach

Aleksey, unlike the first meeting with the German player, started the fight playing Paladin. Lifecoach showed again how to counter this deck of Fursov, and at this time by Warrior — 0:1. In the battle of two Handlocks Lostov turned out to be stronger again. He managed to set a stronger combo up on the table, and the luck didn't come by. The combination of factors let him level the score — 1:1.

It didn't become a problem to win the next game as well. It was interesting to watch the forth strife though. Aleksey wasn't very fortunate in cards (and nor was his opponent), it took a long time to get something to finish lame in both legs Druid by Lifecoach off. Nevertheless, everything has ended perfectly for HellRaisers. Aleksey took vengeance on the German for the loss in the fist match and guaranteed  himself the second place in the group and the place in the next stage of the tournament. 

 Aleksey «Lostov» Fursov's comment:

«Paladin failed me again a bit in this series. In the last game I was lucky cause the rival had a bad hand. Even Doomsayer, who destroyed the whole table of mine didn't help him. Playing Warlocks it seemed to me as though Lifecoach was playing too coolly. In general, the game was rather equal».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!