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Lostov & Lifecoach Loudly Opened the SLTV StarSeries Season

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 HR.Lostov [2:3]  Lifecoach @bo5

After more than an hour half Aleksey Fursov did play his debut match within SLTV StarSeries. His meeting against Lifecoach started with the battle of Druids. In the fight of almost equal decks, Lostov managed to come out as a winner. In the last, but one turn he skillfully killed one of two masked creatures by using one of the most popular legendary cards, Dr. Boom. The German didn't cope with it — 1:0.

In the second game, our player switched to Warlock and didn't back the wrong horse. A few brave and not absolutely safe decisions were made by the German, which cost him a lot. Lostov properly sweat the combo attacks by Lifecoach out and ended the second match in his turn without difficulties — 2:0. Lifecoach managed to break the goose egg after that the Russian tried his Paladin out in the battle. Saved Insight on Druid by LifeCoach at the end of the game played a key role — 2:1. Warrior by LifeCoach beat Lostov's Paladin, too. The score was leveled.

In the decisive game the combo with Paladin by Lostov wasn't successful as well. Demon Handlock did control Uther and won. An excellent comeback by the German player — 2:3.

 Aleksey «Lostov» Fursov's comment:

«I was leading with 2:0, but Paladin, unfortunately, failed me. All Lifecoach's decks did away with it without some difficulties. It is a pity, but 2:3».

Today Aleksey will please us with one more game. The next rival of the Russian player will be Zalae. There is more information in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!