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Lostov & Lifecoach will Open the Tournament

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 Lostov vs  Lifecoach @bo5

03.09, 18:00 CET

Adrian «Lifecoach» Koy is a German Hearthstone player, who has been playing for Nihilum team since January 8 of 2015. During his career he's won 107 matches out of 169 possible  (63%).  Currently, according to gosugamers' statistics, the rival of Aleksey «Lostov» Fursov takes the second place in the European rating and the 5th place in the world one. What a great result! The last four games Lifecoach played within Archon Team League, having lost both of them.  

We will have an incredibly interesting match, since all HellRaisers players have been preparing for this tournament not to stand the fans up and perform decently. Remembering  SLTV Kick-Off Season, Lostov made a good name. At that time he kicked many well-known players out from the tournament, including the boys from Team Archon. Come to the broadcasting at 18:00 CET and enjoy the match of our player. Olesia «Olesami» Denisenko and Roman «CaspeRRR» Lepehin will be working for you this evening.  

There is more information about the SLTV Kick-off Season tournament in this report

Cheer for HellRaisers!