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HellRaisers left SK Gaming behind

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 HellRaisers [2:1]  SK Gaming @bo3
11:16 @inferno, 16:14 @train, 16:2 @cobblestone

The first map of the meeting was de_inferno. On the attack side our boys managed to take 6 rounds, which is thought to be a good result. But, unfortunately, the players from Denmark were ready for the game on the terrorist side. They ended the first half with a 9:6 score in their favor, and then «pushed» the map with the mixed success — 16:11.

Having taken a short break, our boys got back into the game and continued fighting on de_train. On this map HellRaisers started on the counter-terrorist side, having taken 8 points in the first half. Then our boys continued showing a good game, gradually breaking away in the score. When HellRaisers took the 15th round, SK abruptly changed their game and gave a response series, but ANGE1 and Co. pushed the matter through. The score of the map is 16:14 in their favor. 

The last map is de_cobblestone, and it turned out to be very easy for our players. The only important interesting thing is that SK Gaming didn't manage to do anything on the attack side, having taken only two rounds during the whole game. In the second pistol round Emil even knifed cadiaN, which demoralized the Danes once again. Having won the first round on the attack side, HellRaisers got two more points and ended the game. And, of course, we can't forget about a huge number of kills got by AdreN on the third map. What a good game! 

And thus HellRaisers will be playing with the Natus Vincere team for the slot in the Faceit league tomorrow. 

 Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov, the capitaon of the team's comment:

«We were run down a bit on inferno due to our childish mistakes and micro. On train we took a very small number of rounds on the CT side, but gave a serious considerations to the pistol round on the attack side, which we took without chances. And after it everything goes to the plan. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to end the game very fast, but we got what we needed anyway. The third map was cobblestone, which we had to play a lot in this month and you saw the result. Bravo, Daur!»

Cheer for HellRaisers!