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NickChipper won the Regular Gfinity Premium Cup

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A small tournaments like this is a good chance to show yourself for the players, who are still not that well-known. In addition to the new faces, our players also took part in them. Although at this time Nikolai NickChipper Velichko was the only HellRaisers player in the competition, he managed to get a victory for his team. 

As well as in most current Hearthstone tournaments, the best-of-five (conquest) system was used. On his way Nikolai beat four players, and in the final stage he met a French under a D0GsaT nickname. The second participant of the final fight kicked Vega.Lucky and H2K.Inderen out from the tournament, but lost to our player with a 2:3 score in a series. The winner of the battle got a prize of 150 pounds, and the loser could content only 50 pounds. The bracket of the championship is available on this link.  

It is noteworthy that absolutely every player may take part in Premium cup by Gfinity. You have to buy a paid subscription, which costs 2,5 pounds. Another variant is to win a few free tournaments by Gfinity, the prize fund of which is 100 pounds.  

 Nikolai «NickChipper» Velichko's comment:

«I was trying out new lineups for myself such as Warrior, Hunter and Druid. I want to say that this lineup is very strong in the current meta. At the semi-final I met an ex-teammate under a Vega.Neerex nickname. It was an important derby, which I got a victory with a 3:0 score in. The final turned out to be very tense itself, and in the final game (Druid against Druid), I won with two health points. I want to mention that in 5 matches all my rivals had Paladin. There were just a few Warriors, that did surprise me. Thanks to everyone, who cheers for me and HR! I hope we will please you with new wins, friends!»

Don't forget that it is easy to take part in such tournament and you may be the one to play against the players of our team next time. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!