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HellRaisers got Invitation to Close Qualifiers of Next Major Tournament

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A sudden announcement of the next tournament for a quarter of a million dollars supported by the developers of the game, the Valve company, has become the unexpected pleasure for the whole CS:GO community. The next major tournament, which 16 best teams of the world will take part in, will run at the end of October in Rumania.  

HellRaisers will have to get through the online and LAN qualifiers to become a member of this grandiose event. The first stage for our boys will start on October 6: HR will play at the close stage of the online qualifiers, where only 2 out of 16 teams will get the tickets to Stockholm, to the last qualifying stage.  

The list of participants of the first close online qualifier: 

  •  HellRaisers
  •  Dignitas
  •  SK Gaming
  •  Reason
  •  PENTA
  •  Dobry Gaming
  •  Copenhagen Wolves
  •  Space Soldiers
  • +8 победителей открытой квалификации

«But how will our boys be able to play the online qualifiers on October 6? What about the Gaming Paradise tournament in Slovenia, where the team will be at this moment?» — you may ask. Luckily, the organizers of both tournaments, which HellRaisers are taking part in, are understanding of the situation and did all the things needed to allow our boys to participate here and there. Thanks to Gaming Paradise and FACEIT!  

Let's make a conclusion: at this weekend HR will have to simultaneously take part in the LAN tournament and online qualifiers for the major tournament. All interesting information about these two championships will appear on the pages of our website in a week. Follow the news.  

Cheer for HellRaisers!