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HellRaisers Lost to Titan in a Tense Match

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Titan @bo2
(12:16 @overpass, 14:16 @dust2)

The match with the Titan team was one of the most important in the regular season, and our boys spent a lot of time learning and preparing for today's rival. Having chosen comfortable for us de_dust2 and de_overpass, ANGE1 and Co. hoped for the positive result, but the whole of the bitter mistakes and the banal luck played in a favor of the French, who ended the evening on the major note for themselves. 

The gained pistol round on the attack side on de_overpass gave to our team the needed boost, which was turned into confident 6:1 at the beginning of the first map. Mostly, Titan couldn't break the economy of our boys because of the endless force buying, Having make a full buy, they managed to take a few important rounds, and by the end of the half they end up with the six rounds. It seemes to be not a bad result.  But the attack by Ex6TenZ and Co. turned out to be more than effective. It is not for nothing this guy is thought to be one of the best modern leaders. Somewhere by skill, somewhere by luck Titan brought de_overpass to the victory with a score of 16:12. 

Out team had to end the in a draw on the French team's pick, de_dust2. The scenario of this map was opposed. A nice start (6:0) by the French was broken by the excellent series by HellRaisers: ANGE1 and Co. won the ending of the first half with a score of 8:1! Having taken the defense side, our team came closer to the victory, having made the score 13:8 in their favor. It is hard to understand what happened next though. It seemed to be a series of micro mistakes and bad timing, which our boys started to discuss without a delay. Titan won de_dust2 with a 16:14 score.  

 Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev set about commenting the bitter loss:

«Today we were playing some kind of the swing with Titan, but we were the one to make more mistakes in this battle and thus we were the losers of it. I wasn't at my best in this game, too, mostly it was me to lost the game. I will get better! I'm sorry for that».

HellRaisers are having a lot more matches ahead within the CEVO eight season. All information is in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!